Jennifer Lopez’s secrets to being happy: body, mind and lots of nuts

Time puts everyone in their place, so it is not uncommon for Jennifer Lopez is at the top of her career, but also living a sweet personal moment. The Bronx diva is living a movie romance with actor Ben Affleck, with whom she has already had a notorious relationship in the past.

Although when she does it seems easy, being at the top is not an easy task. Jennifer Lopez has had to work very hard to get where she is and the truth is that she continues to do so. For her it is necessary take care of all aspects of your life and, although his physical success is evident, he does not neglect his diet either nor his mental health. All is important to be happy.

A balance between body, mind and heart that is the key triad for JLo enjoy life. Thus, we begin by analyzing how the artist cares for her body, not only for her work, which is highly demanding sports, but also for the health benefits of exercising.

He trains daily and does so with maximum effort, as confirmed by his coach, Dodd Romero, for ‘Oprah Magazine’, where he also explained that he trains one hour a day every day. Although always recommend leaving days off For the body to recover, she achieves this by training different muscle groups every day.

Thus, there are days that she dedicates to working on the abdominal area, which she maintains perfectly toned at 52 years of age and after a pregnancy with twins, and others it is the area of ​​the buttocks and the legs that receives the full attention of the artist, a of the most admired parts of her body.

He does not forget his arms, which lose elasticity with age, but he also dedicates training to the entire body with cardio sessions, practicing boxing or training body and mind with the aid of yoga.

After the space dedicated to taking care of the external appearance (although it also affects our interior), it is time to look at how your mind works. Jennifer Lopez has not hesitated to talk about the importance of also taking care of mental health. During a chat with Jay Shetty for the Coach firm, of which she is an ambassador, she confessed how dealt with anxiety during the pandemic.

So also how important it was to her go to therapy to learn to love yourself. “I love myself, but I was doing all these things, in my personal relationships, that He didn’t seem to really love me I didn’t understand the concept of the word! It takes time, and it is still a path for me ”, he assured.

During the time you were going to therapy (which was years ago, when I was in my thirties) she learned a lot about herself, That is why he has continued to take care of his self-love. One of the techniques he employs, and which he used during the most difficult moments of the pandemic, is ideal for look for the good side of life and not to be defeated.

She herself confessed it in her social networks: “Every day when I wake up I say out loud three things for which I am grateful and, when I went to bed, three good things that happened during the day ”. Every day he tries to make things different, in this way he is more aware of everything he has and it makes him happy.

The food is another of the basic pillars When it comes to leading a healthy life and something that she cannot neglect, it is important to eat properly to feel energetic and strong. Try to keep the food you eat fresh and of quality, avoid sugar in excess and even for a while you abandoned its consumption completely. He said that the first days were hard, but afterwards he felt much better.

Although his passion is chocolate chip cookies, which is the whim that is allowed in his ‘cheating days’, he is aware that it is not advisable to take them regularly, therefore, when in the middle of the afternoon he feels hungry and the body asks him for a snack, he prefers to take a handful of nuts . Nuts are a great option, because they are loaded with properties. Specific, walnuts are rich in antioxidants, they are good for the heart and help reduce bad cholesterol levels. They are also rich in omega-3s.

Everything adds up when it comes to feeling happy, because do not neglect your sleep routines, They not only help her to be prepared to face her busy days as a mother of a family and a worker, but also thanks to them she keeps her radiant appearance. He is constant in everything and taking care of his skin is no exception; in fact, after every workout he cleans it thoroughly to make it look like new.

Take time to train, to work and also to rest. Spend moments with your loved ones It is vitally important for her, especially with her children, to disconnect and enjoy the experiences with her. Jennifer Lopez it is clear to him, he has learned to accept yourself, love yourself and take care of yourself, to fight for her dreams and to trust herself, and the result is very positive for her. Although being happy is not always easy (or possible), she has found her perfect balance.

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Jennifer Lopez’s secrets to being happy: body, mind and lots of nuts