Jocelyn Gourvennec (Lille): “We do credit to Ligue 1” in the Champions League

“You created few opportunities for yourself. Do you qualify this victory as deserved or a little happy?
It is up to you to comment on this. Little has been given to Salzburg. This team presses a lot, has speed up front and hurts with their forwards in the transition. We left too many spaces for the first 20 minutes. Especially in the heart of the game, which they love. We corrected that in the second half. Going to three midpoints (Onana’s entrance) allowed us to tighten up. Did we deserve this success? We won 1-0.

Is this success a form of revenge?
We must leave before the first leg in Wolfsburg (0-0). We said we would play C1 at 300%. What we do. We lost in Salzburg (1-2) because we came out of our game and it was our fault. We have great defensive efficiency. Doubts ? It is high level sport. We have to win the next game. History, we write it. To be where we are, first in the group with eight points, it is because we have made a lot of effort. We do honor to the competition and to L1. It’s not nothing. When I see the stadium after the victory, these are very important moments. Some do not know it but it is the first victory for LOSC in Pierre-Mauroy in the Champions League.

Nothing is done yet for the qualification?
It’s true. We would like the evenings to be all like tonight. Offer a maximum of victories to the public. When we are able to pull off matches like that, we have to be able to do it more often. We are consistent but we are missing little things. We manage to have this little extra in C1. But it will take another big fight in Wolfsburg.

“We want to finish first in the group and we will have to play a big game in Wolfsburg”

This first victory for Pierre-Mauroy, the second in a row in C1, does this give credibility to the title of champion?
When you have stats like that, it’s always very positive. I often say it to the players: you are in a club, mark its history. They did it by winning the league title. Then the champions trophy. Winning the first C1 match at Pierre-Mauroy, that has value. To chain twice in C1 too. I told the players to make a maximum of efforts to have a maximum of emotions. I am happy that they are rewarded.

You are sure to qualify for C3. Is the European campaign already successful?
Yes. We have prospects. But we want to finish first in the group and we will have to play a big game in Wolfsburg. Like in Seville (2-1). There will be a European competition in Lille in February. We hope she will be the most beautiful.

A draw would be enough to qualify you in Germany …
It’s still positive to be in this situation. With Guingamp, we needed a draw in 2014. And we had won. You don’t have to be calculating and go to Wolfsburg to win. In the preparation, it will take this state of mind.

Yilmaz contributed to your goal but are you worried about the content of his match?
It’s been a while since he scored. I had a fairly long discussion with him this morning. He had never known that. It’s a little new to him. But he is involved in the goals we score. He is a collective player who plays for others. He is frustrated but the theme of the evening was the collective. He responded like all the players in this field. I grant you the fact that he is less successful. “

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Jocelyn Gourvennec (Lille): “We do credit to Ligue 1” in the Champions League