Johnny Depp: 10 celebrities who defend and support the actor from Amber Heard’s accusations

As he continues the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, many artists have defended the innocence of the actor in this legal battle. Although when the actress’s accusations against her ex-husband came out, many defended her for being victim of abuse and assaultIn the last few weeks everything has totally changed.

The evidence that showed protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” They have left Heard in a bad light so Hollywood stars have shown their support. From her ex-partners like Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis, to her co-stars like Kevin McNally and Javier Bardem, these are the 10 Famous what support a Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp: 10 artists who defend the actor of Amber Heard

1. Vanessa Paradise

Johnny Depp’s ex-partner with whom he had a 14-year relationship defended the actor from Amber Heard’s accusations. “We were partners with Johnny Depp for fourteen years and raised two beautiful children together. He is a generous, caring, kind and non-violent man. I know the accusations that Amber Heard made publicly. This is nothing like the Johnny I know. He was never violent or abusive towards me.

2. Penelope Cruz

The Spanish actress and Oscar winner endorsed her partner: “I was always impressed by his kindness, his brilliant mind, his talent and his sense of humor. I have seen Johnny in different situations and he is always kind to everyone. He is one of the most generous people I know. I filmed ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ during my pregnancy, my husband and I will never forget their sweetness, protection and kindness during that time.”

3.Sharon Osbourne

Singer Ozzy Osbourne’s wife: “It takes two to tango. I think they had a vulnerable relationship. They’re both bad for each other. She gave as well as received. I have no idea who did what, but I know they both drank And it was a toxic relationship.”

4. Shia:

“I want to show my public support for Johnny Depp. I listened to those audios and he is really the victim of everything,” said the singer.

5. JK Rowling:

The author of the Harry Potter books showed her support after being removed from “Fantastic Animals” for the alleged abuse of Amber Heard: “Based on our understanding of the circumstances, the filmmakers and I are not only comfortable keeping our actors, but also happy to have Johnny playing one of our characters.”

6. Javier Bardem:

“I support Johnny because I always saw him as a kind and caring man. An extraordinary artist who listens to everyone who needs his help. Not only do I love Johnny, but I also deeply respect him and thank him for being that free boy in his life. art, and the mature and kind man in his daily life”. “I love Johnny because he is a good human being, trapped in the lies and manipulations of toxic people,” said the Spanish actor and husband of Penelope Cruz.

7. Kevin McNally:

“I think my destiny is so linked to Johnny’s that I will go where he goes if he needs it,” said the English actor who shared the scene with Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

8. Paul Bettany:

The popular ‘Vision’ endorsed his friend and colleague: “I have known Johnny Depp for years and in different relationships. He is the sweetest, kindest and most gentlemanly man I have ever met.”

9. Winona Ryder:

The most important statement for fans of Johnny Depp was that of Winona Ryder, his ex-partner: “I understand that it is very important that I talk about my experience, although I was not there in his marriage with Amber. My experience was totally different. I felt very shocked, confused and upset when I heard the accusations against him. The idea that he’s a violent person is the furthest thing from the Johnny I’ve ever met. I can’t understand these accusations. He was never violent or abusive to anyone. I honestly only know him as a kind, loving, generous man and a guy who is very protective of me and the people he loves. I felt very safe with him.”

10. Lily-Rose Depp:

Johnny Depp’s first daughter was also not silent about her father’s accusations, so she defended him on social networks: “My father is the sweetest and most adorable person I know. He has always been a wonderful father to my brother and me, and anyone who knows him can say the same.”


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Johnny Depp: 10 celebrities who defend and support the actor from Amber Heard’s accusations

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