Johnny Depp and ferocity against Amber Heard

The actor denounced his ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation (Jim Watson/Pool via REUTERS)

There are some absent-minded people who have not taken a look or the daily follow-up of the lawsuit he is now litigating since April, in Fairfax, when he sued his ex-wife, Amber Heard, after fifteen months of cohabitation. It was Amber who called him a batterer and abuser of women. Depp filed a lawsuit denying it and 50 million dollars, which would go to 100 for Amber if she proved it. The words of this elegant Texan like a greyhound were the formal, legal trigger, the beginning showing how a way to turn a couple into permanent mortification, probable lies, excesses -alcohol, drugs of all kinds, perhaps both-, teasing, jealousy always on hold, a dilapidated kitchen – employee statements suggesting the likelihood of a crime, audio videos of the thirty-six-year-old model and actress as the actor demolished the house in fits of rage with his voice and another of her bisexual friends with sarcasm and evidence. The fact was not the center of such preferences of Heard in the case. It’s another topic. Depp asked for the deterioration of her fame and honor. The hate-love pot. What made them continue anyway -competition-, planned sadism, risk common friends. The claim is presented by Johnny Depp as someone who did not abuse or abuse any woman and who wants to keep the name of his two children. They call it the law, I think, and it came from one of the houses he rented in Australia while he was filming “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Heard, whose most striking performance was “Aquaman”, told a magazine: “Johnny is a violent and dangerous guy. He scares me “. Depp went with his lawyers and his doctor, Dr. Killer, a famous doctor by the finger – to deny it in court -: Who could think that things were going in peace and harmony? Let’s not make jokes. In throwing bottles, Depp lost part of the middle phalanx on the right with a lot of glass and a lot of blood, his teeth are in misery, he has put on weight at full speed (58 years old), despite the great success of “Pirates…”, owes a bunch of millions. “But I didn’t hit that woman or any other.”

It is not possible at this moment to know how the judicial decision will turn out. In a very considerable quantity, aggression against women throughout the world is a reliable and growing reality -femicides every few hours-, although it can sometimes happen the other way around. In United States, me too it is a factor of tremendous and constant power. And it weighs: the owner of Miramax and the Oscars, satyr and extortionist in exchange for prizes for sex went to jail for a long time: the hammer sounded loud.

a subsidiary me too very active active reviled Johnny Depp relentlessly at the San Sebastian Festival. She took it for granted.

It can be seen like this: an action is followed by a reaction. Throughout the process, a variety of facts emerged. Amber let herself hear Johnny yelling at her on the phone “fucking bitch, I’m going to kill you”. The actress turned her face away. Depp admitted that he changed his behavior when filming, that he was “lost in an irrational world”, that he felt “violin strings that were going to break”. Always – don’t forget it, he reiterates it, he swears – without beatings or attacks. A photo of the drug-stricken actor, his shirt soaked with ice cream, was displayed there. He did not deny that he had taken pills from the medicine cabinet in his house since he was a child and that at fourteen he was addicted. “Not for recreation but for pain and anguish, except once when we had a good laugh with Marilyn Manson.” One photo exposes a large glass of whiskey, cocaine, pills, and a photo of Keith Richards, for some reason.

Amber Heard, ex-wife of Johnny Depp who accused him of beating (REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein / Pool)
Amber Heard, ex-wife of Johnny Depp who accused him of beating (REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein / Pool)

Until now nothing was missing. Depp exposed the image of the sheet with excrement – they slept together – placed next to it. It was one of those points where there was a reaction to an action, and there was a gentle twist to the possibility that Depp might reaffirm that he wasn’t a pummeling and subduing man. some air.

There is, instead, what also happens. The mutual attraction and disgust that lightly, occasionally cruel jokes are told, there are perfidious answers and disconcerting tidal waves of sick and pulverized affection.

two profiles

Depp was born in Kentucky from a modest home where belts and hard muddy shoes were common. He looked for trades, temporary jobs and for those questions that are reserved for the unpredictable he came to the movies. Directed by Tim Burton –“The Legend of the Headless Horseman”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Ed Wood”, “Scissorhands”-, a whole line like dreams, very stylish and signature of both Burton and Depp with their famous pouts. He is the protagonist of a significant number of films, singer of a rock band, even the pirates and with the sequel it would already be said a great business and probable cancellation due to the ongoing scandal. He won a lot, bought a lot and big: 30,000 in exceptional bottled wines, paintings by Basquiat, Warhol and Modigliani; the yacht of about 20 million, islands in the Bahamas, several houses in Hollywood; estates in Los Angeles, the chateau in France, and an SPC stud farm in Kentucky. We must add 300,000 guards and landlords, plus 45 luxury cars.

Amber was born in a religious and conservative environment back in Austin until she wanted to change her life, she left everything and let her hair down. She was told of various loves such as that of actor Jess Franco and, surprise, Elon Musk. Not counting women, who already came on the label. The force of beauty and a shifting temper from rage to rare softness broke through.

When it comes to friends, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem say that Depp is a kind companion, a good friend with a great sense of humor. Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis (two exes) put it high and support without further ado. Skinny on Amber’s side, it doesn’t seem like his best card.

Such that that air mentioned there seems to turn with somewhat more vigorous winds from the actor, who sometimes allows himself some very personal graces.

Will you drink again, Mr. Depp? Answer: “Do you believe in happy hours (sunset drinks)?” There is no strict regulation. Does anyone believe that a man is attacked, cut and slapped, embarrassed and can prove it, perhaps? The same.

He said it in his defense, wearing a gray Gucci suit, a black tie, gold buttons, slicked-back hair, and a half smile.


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Johnny Depp and ferocity against Amber Heard

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