Johnny Depp: his physical change in recent years


    John Christopher Depp (Johnny Depp for everyone) It’s one of the most recognized actors in the world of cinema. Despite the fact that the last thing that was said about the actor outside his Toxic relationship with actress Amber Heard, we are talking about a very talented American actor, producer, screenwriter and musician. This talent is reflected in innumerable recognitions such as three Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a César (among many others).

    Whether or not you are a fan of Johnny Depp, we are sure that you have read something about him these days… In any case, the actor caused a sensation from a young age and has always been characterized by having a lot of personality when choosing her ‘looks’ and she has a very characteristic style that we all recognize. Who doesn’t remember the iconic trio of Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt? Yes friend. The same image has come to mind for all of us… These three actors have revolutionized the world of cinema both for their talent and for their undeniable attractiveness. Precisely for this reason, we leave you some images of the actor that you may not have seen and we make a brief review of his life!

    From the Depp who began his adventures as an actor with a face that reflected innocence, to a Depp almost 60 years old with many experiences and years behind him. Considering the current controversy and everything that is being talked about the actor, we have compiled the most remarkable moments of his life, as well as his most drastic physical changes and the evolution of his ‘looks’. In addition, we will also mention some aspects related to his ex-partner Amber Heard to be able to see in a summarized way how the events unfolded…

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His first years of career

The ‘boom’ of Johnny Depp! Young actor, very attractive and wasted talent. In the 80s-90s era, the actor was going through one of his best moments, both professionally and physically. At this time, that’s when he made well-known movies like ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘Edward Scissorhands’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ either ‘Arizona Dream’. We can see a much more innocent Johnny, well combed and with a jacket.


1994, a star in every way

His most ‘hippie’ period, accompanied by his parents and his partner at the time, Vanessa Paradis. In that year, the actor could already have the privilege of having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (star that in 2019 was apparently painted with black marker after the controversial statements of Amber Heard at that time).


The 2000s, the success of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

This photograph corresponds to the premiere of the second film of the saga of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ in 2006, one of his most successful films. At this time, it began to become clear to us that she quite liked the glasses, always with his characteristic long hair and hats. Furthermore, he added other successes with films like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (2005), ‘Sweeney Todd’ (2007) or ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (2010).


2014, the most drastic changes begin

Depp and his partner Vanessa Paradis separated in 2012, with whom he shared a 14-year relationship and had two children. Shortly after, Depp began dating actress Amber Heard and they got engaged in 2014. celebrating their wedding the following year in Los Angeles. During these years, she changed her look a lot, going from short hair with a toupee to red hair.


2017, quite a different look

A slightly more ‘rock’ and carefree time when choosing their ‘looks’. With a new cut and apparently much slimmerattended another of the premieres of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Let us remember that he was no longer the actress’s boyfriend and they had separated. Besides, Heard claimed that the actor had abused her while drunk and drugged. In that same year, they formalized their divorce by issuing a joint statement in which it seemed that things had “calmed down”.


The end of 2017 and 2018, his most worrying images

It could be said that 2018 was one of the actor’s worst yearsamong other things for the controversial article by his ex-partner Heard. All this affected his professional life and lost roles like Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ (although it was again for a good cause). Images of the actor begin to be published with an aspect that worried many of his fans. Much paler, thinner and with less hair than usual. Despite the fact that he appears in a suit in the photo, in many of the photos that were published he appeared poorly dressed and disheveled.

The proceedings in court against Amber Heard begin and the most controversial recordings come to light. The actor begins to open up about his addiction to drugs, assuring that he had taken drugs with other famous friends such as Marilyn Manson or River Phoenix. Anyway, his physical appearance got better and we were able to see him again with his characteristic long hair.


2022, year of trials and improvements

On April 12 of this year, his trial against Amber Heard began in which he revealed many realities of his past and claimed to have abandoned drugs. Nowadays, we can see him many times in a suit, with the hair slicked back in a ponytail and a healthier appearance also reflecting that she regained weight. In addition, it seems that the actor is much better emotionally.

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Johnny Depp: his physical change in recent years

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