Jorge Fernández: “To be strong at 50 you have to pay attention to the four great pillars”

    Jorge, how many times have you been asked what your secret is to being like this at 50?
    Phew! I lost the count

    Reaching 50 years like Jorge Fernández has become our new life goal… and every day that of more people. You will not be the first to go to your favorite gym with the cover of Jorge’s Men’s Health and you will tell your trainer: “leave me like this”. And that, as he confesses in his interview, Jorge Fernández has spent the last five years fighting various diseases that they have changed him completely, that they made him lose 12 kilos, that he couldn’t look at himself in the mirror and that he was mentally sunk. But he has been reborn and, at 50 years oldJorge Fernández becomes the oldest cover of Men’s Health Spain. She has not touched him at roulette, she has fought him very hard.

    The presenter of ‘The wheel of luck’ reaches half a century with clearer things, a healthier body, an ego in its place and a calmer mind. The best version of Jorge Fernández that is based on four great pillars on which Jorge Fernández has spent years investigatingas one more scholar, becoming one of the great references of comprehensive health in Spain.

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    “The question they ask me the most is: “What are you taking?”, as if there were a magic pill. And no… Here there is no more secret than paying attention to the big four: diet, physical activity, rest and stress management. That and getting to know each other thoroughly, to know how you have to train, how you have to eat, how you have to rest… In the end, I suspect that most people know what they have to do, although it is more comfortable to continue thinking that there is a magic formula“, assures Jorge Fernández in his interview in Men’s Health.

    “But if I have one thing clear at this point, it is that there is a very thin line between wanting to take care of yourself as much as possible and being obsessed and falling into a spiral of guilt or self-reproach. And, as with everything, extremes are bad” adds Jorge, who has learned to play with his vowels and consonant. “Of course I allow myself my glasses of wine once in a while, my cheesecakes a day or two a week, or even not going to the gym if I’m tired… And absolutely nothing happens. I guess this has a lot to do with it.” do with what we were talking about before: with maturing, with being a little less critical of myself, forgiving myself more and not falling into exaggerated perfectionism. In the end, it’s about learning to find balance.”





    Jorge Fernández indicates that, with perseverance and starting to take small steps to achieve big goals, you can work on these four main pillars.

    “The most important pillar. Strength sport is my base. Hundreds of studies relate it to longevity. I train at least 3 or 4 times a week.

    “I always try to eat single-ingredient foods and as little packaging as possible, but I don’t deprive myself of any macronutrients.”

    “I try to keep my cortisol levels in check with sports, meditation and breathing exercises.”

    “Basic for cellular and hormonal regeneration. To sleep better, I have dinner early and at the same time, and I forget about mobiles and screens until the next day”.

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Jorge Fernández: “To be strong at 50 you have to pay attention to the four great pillars”

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