Juan Pablo Medina reappeared after the amputation of his leg and spoke about whether he thought of suicide

Juan Pablo Medina reappeared before the media

The renowned American interpreter of Mexican origin, John Paul Medinareappeared before the media a little more than 8 months after having been part of a surgical process where His leg was amputated due to thrombosis. and to pose for the first time with his prosthesis for a Mexican publication.

The renowned Mexican actor attended the unveiling of the plaque for the end of the season of the play on Saturday night Hamlet in Mexico City with her partner, also a Colombian actress, Paulina Davila. There he was very excited about his return to the public scene and said he was ready to face the challenges that come in the future such as his return to television.

“Very happy to be able to go out, to come to the theater […] Well little by little, I’m in therapy, I’m in recovery, and later, when I feel better, already whole to work, I will do it, but at the moment I still don’t know”, Said the 44-year-old histrion before the cameras of Come Joy.

Juan Pablo Medina would have suffered the amputation of his leg. (Photo: @juan_pablomedina/Instagram)

The actor who gave life to diego olvera Produced by Netflix, The house of flowers, was questioned about if you ever thought of resorting to suicide; Fortunately, those thoughts never crossed his mind thanks to the prompt psychological and family intervention in his recovery process: “No, not at all, no”, The interpreter emphasized between laughs.

Later, Juan Pablo Medina acknowledged that he was always in a privileged position where he could attend privately with psychologists and psychiatrists: “The simple fact of being grateful is the engine of being here… my dad is a doctor, from the first moment. I was surrounded by specialists and it is of great help and From the first moment I was in contact with psychiatrists, psychologists, and fortunately, I say this from the privilege, I really feel very lucky”.

Finally, the interpreter who has managed to position himself as one of the most beloved artists on the small screens in Mexico, took advantage of the platform provided by the media to send a message to people who live in a situation similar to his: “And well, the simple fact of being here must be sunset and that must be the engine to move forward”, he finished.

Juan Pablo Medina reappeared before the media

It all started in mid-2021, when the interpreter of Love of my loves He was on a recording set. According to an interview that yielded for the magazine GQ Mexico at the middle of March, he was working normally when he began to feel very badtried to go ahead with the project so as not to delay the team, however, the pain was so intense that he could not continue.

Already in the hospital they detected that he had suffered a cardiac arrest. After hours of anguish, the doctors told him that his life was at risk and the only solution was to amputate his leg: “We started talking about the decision before the medical intervention was done […] It is necessary to understand it and that the specialists support you. It is something very bastard, but I could count on that help. I never took therapy in my life and now I am determined not to leave it for anything, “he declared for the publication.

Juan Pablo Medina and Paulina Dávila met while recording a short film. (Photo: @paulinada_/ Instagram)
Juan Pablo Medina and Paulina Dávila met while recording a short film. (Photo: @paulinada_/ Instagram)

Regarding his prosthesis, the actor commented that he managed to find a perfect one according to his needs; however, he did not hide his uncertainty at having to reinvent his way of life.

“When they told me that they were going to amputate me, the first thing that came to my mind was that my life, as I was leading it, was over. That’s when you wonder what are you going to do Y how will the change. What I wanted was simply to live and from then on I began to think positively”, she argued.


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Juan Pablo Medina reappeared after the amputation of his leg and spoke about whether he thought of suicide

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