Juan Vidal talks about the temperament of Niurka Marcos Are they still together?


Juan Vidal and Niurka Marcos

John Vidal has a romantic relationship with Niurka Marcos after both shared intimacy and the day to day inside The House of the Famous 2. This relationship has given much to talk about because of the explosive personality of the Cuban and the calm and serenity of the actor, but now the Dominican decided to break the silence.

John Vidal was the tenth eliminated from The House of the Famous 2 but his departure was very controversial due to the relationship he had with Niurka Marcos, who left the competition and decided not to give statements or agree with the production for allegedly manipulating his image. Since his departure until today, the couple have stayed together and in their social networks we see the demonstrations of love and affection that show that they feel more attuned every day.

Juan Vidal assures that he will go to live with Niurka Marcos

The Dominican actor was present in the program The Hot Table and the cheerleaders did not miss the opportunity to ask how the relationship with the Cuban is. “It is going very well, thank God, we have hit it off, the truth is that we have entered into a very nice understanding,” commented the actor, as well as assuring that Marcos will travel to Miami to see him and with plans to move in together.

Juan Vidal talks about the strong temperament of Niurka Marcos | The Hot TableJuan Vidal confesses intimate details of his relationship with Niurka Marcos and uncovers what the Cuban will do to continue enjoying the honeys of love. #LaMesaCaliente #Entretenimiento #NiurkaMarcos Download our App: telemundo.app.link/8005Db9UP6 SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/LaMesaCaliente Follow us on our social networks: Facebook: facebook.com/lamesaliente Twitter: twitter.com/lamesacaliente Instagram: instagram.com/ lamesacaliente TikTok: tiktok.com/@lamesacaliente Official Page: telemundo.com/shows/la-mesa-caliente La Mesa Caliente Myrka…2022-08-25T20:45:11Z

“The idea is to see if we can live together” commented the actor as future plans with the famous actress and singer where he also revealed that they would live between Miami and Mexico. In turn, he did not miss the opportunity to talk about the strong character and temperament of the Cuban. “Maturity and with understanding, we must respect each other on both sides.” He assured the actor in relation to the character of the Cuban.

The actor assured that respect always prevails and for him it is very important to be a gentleman with all women despite the fact that both may have different personalities, although he has no problem with the Cuban woman using her personality, in the end, it is her way of being and the understanding is the most important thing between them.

Juan Vidal and Niurka Marcos: their differences within La Casa de Los Famosos 2

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Let’s remember that Niurka Marcos She was the leader of the blue room during her stay in the competition, but her strong personality also caused her to have her differences with Juan Vidal, and in the middle of a discussion, the beauty queen, Julia Gama, also found herself involved, an occasion that has made her understand to the actor who cannot allow Marcos to treat them in a certain way. So we report in Right now seen how Juan Vidal ignores Niurka Marcos so much so that the Cuban vedette is sitting next to him and asks him a question and this ignores him, a situation that gets out of control and Marcos begins to shout to get his attention but the multiple actions make Marcos cannot contain her tears which feels very affected by this whole situation.

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Juan Vidal talks about the temperament of Niurka Marcos Are they still together?

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