Juana Repetto published a photo and criticism exploded when she saw where the baby was

Juana Repetto posted a photo and criticism exploded when she saw where the baby was

Juana Repetto became an influencer of motherhood, starting with her first son Toribio and, more so now, with her baby Belisario, who has very little time to complete the first year of life, in the next month of June.

Turns out Queen Reech’s daughter shared a photo in which she is seen in the foreground and, behind and behind him, his little son Belisario is seen, on the floor and without any protection, in plain sight. This situation was noticed by thousands of his followers and some of them took the trouble to write to him to reproach him for that image.

“Many people wrote me concerned about this,” Juana pointed out in one of her stories, in which she showed the photo again and pointed in a yellow circle at her son Belisario, who is on the floor, with his back turned. “I’ll explain, it starts like this,” he wrote on the image of a short video, in which Totibio, five years old, can be seen playing on the floor and, at the other end, the baby can be seen from behind. , on the kind of blanket in which he places the toys of both.

After two more stories in which the baby plays entertainingly with the toys placed on the floor, which is also parquet, you can see how he moves by himself and moves from the space in which he was placed by the actress and panelist.

However, it is not the first time that Reina’s daughter has received criticism about her photos or videos. She many times she answers her and others, she does not give it more importance than the focus of the matter has. Days ago, Repetto called for further appreciation of the dedication that women make by breastfeeding on demand, a fact that often does not allow them to rest well.

Juana Repetto

In this sense, he used his account Instagram to request help due to the great inconvenience caused by not being able to rest well. “Call for solidarity: doctors, doctors, childcare, pediatricians, neurologists, sleep specialists, I need your help,” he began writing in his stories. And he stated: “A woman who sleeps with the baby/boy attached to her breast. Although while she has it on, she snores. Even if she gets up and only one wakes up to turn on the tit and ´keep sleeping´, does she rest well? Is that sleeping?”.

I am tired of this discussion and that the dedication that women make by breastfeeding a baby on demand is devalued. I do not want to hear more or that any woman has to hear a ‘but if you snore, for me you sleep, for me you rest,'” she expressed indignantly.

Then, he shared several messages of support from users who identified with his situation. “Totally, that’s not resting well! They think that because you’re next to him giving him your breast with your eyes closed, you’re resting, but no!”, “That snoring doesn’t mean you’re resting”, were some of the comments that came to him. To which she Juana thanked: “We are not alone.”

Juana Repetto with her two children
Juana Repetto with her two children

Meanwhile, he took the opportunity to make a deep reflection. “Nothing compares to the delivery of mothering and breastfeeding Nothing! You are not only giving your child something that no one else can, which should already be the most valued thing on earth, but you are also giving your entire body: physical, hormonal, psychic. How would someone dare not give him the value that he deserves? deserve? How does someone question you because you snore or sleep four hours in a row that you are resting well?

And I add: “Every time I wake up during the night, it’s in pain.. It’s hard for me to turn around, if it’s necessary to sit down, bent over or however I can, to accommodate him and continue ‘sleeping’ basically closing my eyes because I can’t take it anymore. I fall asleep at 8pm sleeping Toro, because I’m lazy? Why do I eat badly? Or is it because I don’t rest?”. In that sense, he advised: “Don’t let anyone confuse you, don’t let the work you do at home all day and all night not be valued. We are super powerful! Let’s create it”.


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Juana Repetto published a photo and criticism exploded when she saw where the baby was

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