Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernández announced the end of their marriage: This would be the reason for their separation

Through a statement, surprising his followers, because until a few weeks ago they were completely in love.

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“This type of news will always be difficult to give, because as public figures we are also human beings. That is why we want to inform you our decision to separate by mutual agreement, well thought out due to the love and respect we have for each other. This process is difficult for both parties and we intend to convey it by asking for respect, discretion and care to preserve the well-being of those involved. We thank our public and the media for their understanding and respect in this situation since we will not talk about this issue anymore “says the statement, which is signed by both.

A couple of months ago Rafael surprised Karla for her birthday and even gave her an expensive truck and she also had a similar detail with the “king of eggs” on her birthday. In addition, they also celebrated their first wedding anniversary with a trip to the Caribbean and had plans to increase the family, since they wanted to have a girl whom they would call Sofía Rafaela.

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On the other hand, Tarazona highlighted in the interviews that Rafael was a good father with his three children, and was present in the children’s special moments, as he showed on his social networks.


Although Karla Tarazona does not want to comment on the difficult moment she is going through, it turned out that she is sad and thate the reason for the end of her marriage would be that ‘the love’ that her husband felt for her would have vanished. It was also learned that the host of the program ‘D’mañana’ would continue with her work on radio and television, and that ‘she will continue for her children’, as she stated in the photo that she posted to the few minutes of announcing her separation.


Karla Tarazona used her social networks to send a motivating message after the unexpected announcement of the end of her marriage to Rafael Fernádez almost two years after they said yes, in December 2020. Apparently, the television host sees their separation in a way positive, despite the difficult moment it is going through.

“Not all storms come to disturb your life, some arrive to clear your path,” the radio host also reposted in her Instagram stories, referring to the end of her relationship with the popular “King of Eggs.”

Shortly before, Karla Tarazona shared another story where she shows herself next to her children and assures that they are her greatest strength in this complicated stage. The television host showed a photograph where she is shown next to her three little ones.

Rafael Fernández: Who is the King of the eggs?

Rafael Fernández is the son of the renowned doctor Manolo Fernández, founder of the biological pharmaceutical Farvet Laboratories. The now ex-partner of Karla Tarazona studied Business Administration.

He is known as the King of Eggs for his Eggtreme business, which was launched in 1999 and today his company has become one of the most recognized.


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Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernández announced the end of their marriage: This would be the reason for their separation

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