Karol G unseats Kylie Jenner herself from the pool

Spectacular! That was how the beautiful singer Carol G She was seen on social networks from the pool and with a swimsuit very similar to the one that the beautiful Kylie Jenner used in the past, many assure that the Nena de Medellín looks better.

Carol G For a delicious sunny day, she chose a silver swimsuit that shows off her beautiful back to the fullest, in addition to having a pronounced neckline at the bottom and letting two enormous details peek through its thin fabric.

The interpreter of La Tusa used a very natural makeup to complement her outfit, her completely loose blue hair and silver sunglasses with which she played for the camera.

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Karol G posed in various ways for the camera, standing up and squatting from the ground; however, each and every one of the images really enchanted his followers. In some photos she can be seen with complete seriousness like a professional, while in others she is seen quite smiling and playful with the camera.


The beautiful Karol G shared four images of this photo shoot 23 hours ago and has exceeded 5 million reactions on her official Instagram account, where, of course, Internet users, famous and not famous, could not resist filling her with all kinds of compliments. .

That if you want to put the caption that I did not know what to put, well ��, was the phrase with which the beautiful Carolina accompanied the images.

Although this beautiful woman became known thanks to her music, the truth is that now, in addition to being a singer, she is also an influencer, a star of social networks besieged by Internet users who are waiting for the content she shares.

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Currently, Carol G She is more than happy with an international tour that has taken her to different countries and achieved various “sold out” and pleasant moments that will surely be difficult for the Nena de Medellín to forget.

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Karol G unseats Kylie Jenner herself from the pool

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