Kate del Castillo already lives with her boyfriend’s children: her sister revealed how they get along

Kate del Castillo has commented on several occasions that has no interest in becoming a mother. “I have never wanted to order children. If he had wanted it he would have done it, period. It has never been a subject that has caught my attention, “he told the magazine ‘Jet Set’ in 2017.

However, her recent relationship with the director of photography Edgar Bahena, whom she met in the series ‘La Reina del Sur, has forced her to live with her boyfriend’s children, which has changed her attitude towards children, as explained her older sister, Veronica del Castillo.

Kate del Castillo already lives with her boyfriend’s children

During a recent meeting with the media, Verónica del Castillo revealed that for a long time Kate did not show interest in children in general. However, spending time with the children of her boyfriend Edgar Bahena has caused the actress to experience joy and a new tolerance.

“She is very sensitive to what she doesn’t like, which are children, and she is very happy with his children. So, yes, she is waking up as an instinct that I thought she was not going to wake up ”.

According to Veronica, her sister prioritizes spending time with Edgar and her children over making plans with her. In addition, she narrated that she had witnessed Kate’s coexistence with these little ones, where she was surprised by her tolerance towards children, something that she had not previously shown.

“The children were jumping and jumping and running and running, and she was delighted with them. They are very funny children, very cute and I see her as tolerant as ever.”

This unprecedented trait of tolerance in Kate is one of the factors that makes Veronica believe that her sister fell in love.

“I had never been tolerant with children. So from there I decide and define that she is in love”.

However, it is one thing to enjoy your partner’s children and have fun with them, and another very different thing is for Kate to venture to get pregnant and become a mother. In this sense, Veronica assured that her younger sister is still betting on saying no to her motherhood.

“No, not having children, not getting married again, but I see her very happy, very much in love.”

Verónica also shared in this brief meeting with the media a little about her sister’s relationship with Edgar Bahena, who have preferred to keep a low profile.

“My parents are happy because we see her very happy. (Edgar) is a guy who has a lot of spark, who makes you laugh a lot. I see her very happy, because she laughs at her and (Edgar) accompanies her”.

In this sense, of the little that the actress has spoken about her courtship with Bahena, the company that the director of photography makes her is something that has also stood out.

“He is a guy who, first of all, makes me feel very at peace. I am very calm, very comfortable. He keeps me a lot of company, ”he revealed for El Gordo y La Flaca.

At the moment, Kate and Edgar, who is eleven years younger than her, have not made their official debut as a couple on a red carpet or event in the entertainment industry. However, if they have shared photos together in their Instagram stories.

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Kate del Castillo already lives with her boyfriend’s children: her sister revealed how they get along

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