Kendall Jenner draws attention to not knowing how to cut a cucumber

The new program reality show of the Kardashian family, the kardashiansis surprising fans with many revelations and unexpected moments, but this time it is a curious detail starring Kendall Jenner the one that is becoming the center of attention and that occurred during the most recent chapter of the series that is broadcast on the platform Hulu.

In the scene, the model and businesswoman The 26-year-old is at her mother’s house, Kris Jenner, when she decides to get a refreshment. Her mother suggests that she call the chef, but the young woman insists on preparing her own food.

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Then we see her trying to cut a cucumber, not sure how to do it but determined to do itresulting in a somewhat haphazard attempt to cut the tip of the vegetable in an unusual and strange way, holding the knife in one hand and the cucumber in the other, but not in a way that secures the vegetable to help the cut, but from the opposite end, making the task more difficult.

His insistence on carrying out his mission, despite the fact that the chef offers to do it himself, have also been pointed out by Internet users, who did not overlook the fact that their confusion is even confusing to us.

This everyday life scene is also causing laughter among netizens, some of whom insist that the scenario exemplifies the division of classes, since Kendall Jenner could demonstrate her strangeness to cut cucumber, maybe she’s more used to having it done for her. But it should also be noted that be she herself who also insists on doing it by herself and prepare the sandwich you want on your own.

At a specific time, Chris Jenner She even tells her daughter “Do you want the chef to make you a snack?”, to which the young woman replies: “I’m doing it myself. I just have to cut some cucumber, it’s quite easy“. When the task does not seem to go as quickly as expected and on the advice of his mother to be careful, Kendall Jenner replies: “I know, I’m a little scared.”

The girl then asks if cucumbers are seedless and finally asks the cameraman to stop focusing on her, because “she’s not a good slicer.” And of course, the reactions in social media they did not wait.

“Watching Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber is one of the most painful things I’ve ever seen.” “Kendall Jenner trying to cut a cucumber is really the clearest division of the classes. She did but legitimately FIGHTED while Kris asks “do you want me to call the chef here?” or “Seeing Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber was the best part of the new episode of Kardashians”, were some of the comments on Twitter.

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Kendall Jenner draws attention to not knowing how to cut a cucumber

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