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Union leaders in Panama demand that the Government leave fuel prices higher

Panama City, June 28 (EFE) .- Popular organizations and unions protested this Tuesday in the Panamanian capital against the Government for considering that it is not seeking a satisfactory solution to the rise in fuel and medicines. Summoned by the so-called United People for Life Alliance, the protesters, several hundred including peasants and indigenous people, called on the “people” to pay attention to what is happening in Ecuador and take to the streets to “put order” in this “very critical” situation. ” In Panama. They walked from the center of the capital to the headquarters of the Panamanian Presidency, in the Old Quarter of the city, to demand that the Government “inaction” in the face of these problems, as well as its lack of response to a list of demands delivered in a previous march. Leaders of the powerful Single National Union of Workers in the Construction and Related Industries (Suntracs) and the National Central of Workers of Panama (CNTP), among others, called to intensify the fight for the freezing of the prices of articles of first necessity, for better jobs and decent wages, health, education, and against corruption. The cost of fuel, medicines, food, the high cost of living “is not new, it is something constant,” Saúl Méndez, a former presidential candidate and general secretary of Suntracs, told Efe. Méndez added that it is enough to review recent history and realize that “there is a lot of speculation from the private sector (…) in reality, we are experiencing a very critical situation in the country, as are most countries in the world.” . Thus, the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, Méndez stressed, are “seeking a way out of this situation through the struggle in the streets and the electoral political struggle.” But he warned that if the Panamanian people “want order, then they have to go out (to the streets) to put order,” since the traditional parties, their “false independents, are not going to change the situation we are experiencing now.” “Do we want proof of this? Let’s see what is happening in Ecuador right now,” Mendez remarked, referring to the fact that the protests that have been taking place in the South American country for two weeks have been about the price of fuel, compared to what which the Government announced measures for its reduction. In Panama, it has been decided to freeze the price of fuel at $3.95 per gallon, first for public passenger transport, school buses and some agricultural vehicles, and now for agricultural cargo transport, to mitigate the historic rise in gasoline and diesel in this country, a net importer of hydrocarbons. The cost of fuel in Panama is adjusted every two weeks. Currently in the capital, a gallon of 95-octane gasoline is sold at $6.01, 91 at $5.47 and diesel at $5.26, but these costs rise in the interior of the country. Erick Graell, secretary of organization of the National Central of Workers of Panama, told Efe that they are demanding that the country’s president, Laurentino Cortizo, respond to the high cost of fuel, food, transportation and medicine. “Everything has been getting worse,” Graell pointed out, “we have to have an answer because corruption is rampant and there is no way for this government to put a stop to all the vicissitudes that our people are going through. That is why we tell our people that the thing is not at home, the thing is in the street,” said Graell. The Deputy Minister of Labor, Roger Tejada, told the local media that he met with a delegation of the protesters and gave them the Government’s “response” to the list of demands presented to the Executive in the previous march on May 19. (c) EFE Agency

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Khloé Kardashian dresses up as “Barbie” for her birthday and again worries about her extreme thinness

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