L-Gante revealed the strong threats he received from Alex Caniggia: “I’ll break your mouth”

L-Gante revealed the strong messages that Alex Caniggia sent him (Photo: Captura TV)

Although during the last days the fight between Alex Caniggia Y L-Ghent surprised his followers and part of the public that did not expect this intense crossover of spicy messages, the issue does not seem to have come to an end, quite the contrary.

The media event occurred when Alex was traveling in a taxi and the song “I’m too sexy” by the duo Right Said Fred was playing in the background. At that time, Alex wrote: “What a fear man, this is music,” said the winner of The Hotel of the Famous, the first cycle of the reality show that aired on telefe. And followed: “What L-Gante or L-Gante, what trap or trap, or not? Hold out for the 80s and 90″, she continued.What L-Gante, or any of that farting music today”, he shot without filters, in a provocative way.

At that time, the response of elian valenzuela Do not be late. “But my chain is bigger than yours lelu lelu. Son of Caniggia, you lack 900 grams to talk about me, ”wrote L-Gante on his official Facebook account. And immediately he continued: “My music may be fart but at least what I have I earned it and I transmit to people that they can also achieve it. If it weren’t for your dad you would be the cheapest when it comes to buying kindness and mentality. Hug”.

L-Gante's post in the face of Alex Caniggia's criticism (Photo: @lgante_keloke)
L-Gante’s post in the face of Alex Caniggia’s criticism (Photo: @lgante_keloke)

The forceful response of the singer aroused the wrath of the influencer. Without hesitation, he lashed out on his social media. “I eat caviar from high school and you have such bologna… If you like to smoke, bend over and smoke my vel… I see you dressed and it reminds me of a saying from my grandmother… even if the overalls are dressed in silk, overalls It remains… Learn it!” Alex concluded, but not before leaving the singer’s name captured and captivated so that there are no doubts as to who the enigmatic post was addressed to.

After this, L-Gante’s response was subtle, through an image that he uploaded to his Instagram account. The cumbiero 420 showed his little daughter in his stories Jamaica holding a slice of cheese and a table full of cold cuts where slices of mortadella can be seen in the foreground. In a clear allusion to Alex’s ironic words, the singer appealed to mockery and added an even more ironic phrase: “High society”.

L-Gante's response to Alex Caniggia's provocations (Photo: @lgante_keloke)
L-Gante’s response to Alex Caniggia’s provocations (Photo: @lgante_keloke)

A few hours ago, on the air of Show Partnersthe cycle of The thirteen, the singer gave an interview from inside his car, in which he confessed that some time ago he had received threats on WhatsApp from Alex Caniggia. “I’m not angry if he says he doesn’t like my music because everyone has their tastes, that doesn’t bother me because I respect the tastes of others and if someone doesn’t like me, nothing happens,” the cumbiero began. And he immediately added: “He had sent me audios, messages, because he wanted me to visit him, he told me that my music was a bomb. But later, when there was a disagreement, he sent me another message in a different tone: ‘When I see you I’ll break your mouth, ignorant ape’ ”.

L-Gante revealed the threats he received from Alex Caniggia (Photo: Captura TV)
L-Gante revealed the threats he received from Alex Caniggia (Photo: Captura TV)

Immediately afterwards, Elian made his response to Alex heard at that moment. “Don’t get mad, don’t get mad, how many times did you make jokes for humble people and I, however, follow you, look at him. A while ago ”, concluded his message.

Very calm, L-Gante explained that he can understand that Alex plays a character that makes a difference among the mass of people, but that he also has his own character, which is to be himself. “I have something that others may not have, and I can say wow, I earned it. Or I can remember how much it cost me, ”he concluded withering.

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L-Gante revealed the strong threats he received from Alex Caniggia: “I’ll break your mouth”

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