Lady Di planned to flee to the US without William and Harry before her tragic death in Paris

Princess Diana’s last day was spent in Paris on August 31, 1997, with her boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed (The Grosby Group)

Just weeks before she died, Princess Diana planned to move to the United States without her children. revealed one of his former bodyguards.

In her memoir, “Protecting Diana: A Bodyguard’s Story,” Lee Sansu recounts how Lady Di was about to tell the paparazzi of her plans to leave London in an effort to shield William and Harry from the press while on vacation with her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayedin St Tropez in July 1997.

The couple enjoyed a romantic vacation on the luxury yacht of businessman Mohammed Al-Fayed while the paparazzi with their glasses portrayed the daily life of the princess and her new boyfriend, according to Sansum, who protected the princess on that trip.

“The press was ruining her life everywhere, not just in St. Tropez,” Sansum wrote. “And she told me: ‘There’s nothing I can do in the UK. The newspapers there attack me no matter what I do.’”

“Then she told me: ‘I want to go to the United States and live there so I can get away from everything. At least in America, they like me and they’ll leave me alone.”, He recalled about the conversation he had with Lady Di, then 36 years old.

At the time, Sansum said she remembers asking Diana if her children would move in with her, to which the princess replied that the family of her ex-husband, Prince Charles, would never allow him to divert them from their royal duties. If she moved without her children, Diana said: “I can probably only see them on school holidays.”

“Diana was clearly a wonderful mother, so loving and attentive to her two children, but it seemed that she would have to leave them both in the UK to escape the press, who relentlessly harassed her every day of her life. She also went to free them from all the attention they got when she was with them.”wrote Sansum in his memoirs, according to the tabloid DailyMail.

Diana Spencer (1961 - 1997) with Prince William and Prince Harry while on vacation in Austria on March 30, 1993 (Getty Images)
Diana Spencer (1961 – 1997) with Prince William and Prince Harry while on vacation in Austria on March 30, 1993 (Getty Images)

Finally, after a few days of vacation, according to Sansum, Diana announced that she was going to tell the press that she was leaving the UK for good.

“I was alarmed because the press outside was huge right now, just for his vacation, it would probably multiply tenfold if I told them a big story like this,” Sansum recalls. “The place would be packed with paparazzi, desperate to get photos of the princess who was about to leave everything to flee to the United States.”

Sansum said that the princess did, in fact, go to speak to the press that day, but he did not say anything about a possible move to the United States.

Diana on the French Coast (The Grosby Group)
Diana on the French Coast (The Grosby Group)

Despite his complaints about the press, Diana was known for collaborating with her favorite reporters and photographers. and often informed them of her whereabouts if she wanted to be photographed.

In Sansum’s book, the former military contractor denied that Diana was mentally unstable in the weeks before her death in August 1997 in a car accident in Paris that also killed her boyfriend and her driver, who had a high blood alcohol level. Her bodyguard was seriously injured. Pursued by paparazzi on motorcycles, the car collided at high speed with a column in an underpass near the Alma bridge, on the north bank of the Seine river.

Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philip, Prince Charles and their two children were summering at Balmoralthe residence of the monarch in Scotland.

Photographers and emergency workers at the scene of Princess Diana's fatal accident (The Grosby Group)
Photographers and emergency workers at the scene of Princess Diana’s fatal accident (The Grosby Group)

I can tell you that I spent ten days close to her and that she was one of the most balanced people I have ever met.”, Sansum wrote, adding: “I am trained to detect if someone is unbalanced, it is part of my job. You look for the signs that people give when they are stressed because it means they might be about to do something,” she explained, but noted, “Diana wasn’t overly angry or out of control.”

sansum too rejected claims that her relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed was just a summer fling to make her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Hasnat Khan, jealous.

“They were affectionate with each other,” Sansum said. “You wouldn’t see kissing in public, so some people misunderstood that as if it wasn’t a romantic relationship,” she noted.

The former bodyguard explained that it was because of chance that he was not assigned to care for Diana and Dodi while they spent a few days in Paris in late August 1997. Instead, he noted, his good friend Trevor Rees-Jones took over the job and was seriously injured in the car accident that killed driver Henri Paul, Dodi and Diana.

Sansum described the princess in his book as “one of the nicest people” that he met “She was lovely. She was a normal person who loved her children”.

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Lady Di planned to flee to the US without William and Harry before her tragic death in Paris

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