Laura Bozzo calls Gerard Piqué “Unfortunate” and warns him that he will regret being unfaithful

Laura Bozzo calls Gerard Piqué “Unfortunate” and warns him that he will regret being unfaithful. The famous driver is characterized by not having mince words and being direct with what she thinks. So she again expressed her opinion and defended the singer Shakira.

Despite the fact that since June the separation of the famous couple began to be rumored supposedly because of a infidelity On the part of the athlete, the news has not gone cold and the press follows in the footsteps of the stars to find out what is happening around their lives.

So a few days ago a new controversy broke out because the soccer player was caught by the paparazzi in the middle of a kiss, cuddling and without hiding his love with his new girlfriend, the 23-year-old girl Clara Chia Martiduring a concert where his family and friends were supposedly going.

In addition, this same weekend the pair of lovebirds went to a wedding of one of Gerard Piqué’s best friends. Even the young woman raised the suspicion that she might be pregnant for the belly that could be seen with the tube-cut dress she wore.

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Reason why the portal “Suelta la sopa” wrote in one of its posts: “Gerard Piqué and everything behind the dress his girlfriend wore at the wedding. We have all the details!” Publication that has more than 600 likes, but that attracted attention because it showed the opinion of Laura Bozzo.

The famous former participant of “The House of the Famous 2“He wrote” Let the unfortunate pass by and regret losing a queen like Shakira “, so he tagged the Colombian and placed red hearts. So now we know the opinion of the 71-year-old driver.


Precisely, Laura Bozzo became famous for the phrase “What happens the bastard” that he said in his programs “Laura in America” or “Laura without censorship”. Recently in the second season of the program “The house of the famous”, the Peruvian mentioned that her phrase arose “because I had three pregnant girls on the program, they were 15, 16 and 17 years old and all three said they were pregnant by the same man ”.

Laura Bozzo confessed: “Then, the three of them told their story and when I let him in, it came out of my soul: ‘What happens to the unfortunate!’ At that time I was a little more violent, I swear I almost kicked him.”

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Without a doubt, this phrase was marked in his career, after saying it for the first time in the program “Laura in America”but now he assures that he could no longer repeat it because the content of Peruvian television is more limited.

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Laura Bozzo calls Gerard Piqué “Unfortunate” and warns him that he will regret being unfaithful

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