Laura Bozzo cries because of Nacho Casano What happened?


Laura Bozzo shows her most human side and breaks down in tears for a comment made by Nacho Casano

Laura Bozzo could not contain the tears due to the constant comments he receives from his peers about his age, this time, it was the actor Nacho Casano that he made a request and the Peruvian presenter did not like it, so much so that he decided to break into tears at what happened.

Laura Bozzo She has shown herself to be a woman of integrity, with personality, authentic and also with a lot of character. Now after the weekly test, the Argentine Nacho Casanoassured that the best thing was that the Peruvian presenter did not participate in the challenge of the week so as not to put her health at risk, but this comment was so unpleasant that Bozzo could not stand the tears and burst into tears.

Laura Bozzo does not tolerate comments about her age

“I appreciate your hints about my age, but I don’t have any physical problems of any kind.” Commented Laura, 69 years old. Laura intervened and sarcastically asked the boss if the challenge was dangerous and she immediately got up from the table and went to her room in great dismay. “I’m fed up!” and immediately she burst into tears, she is a qualified woman who is in top condition to do any kind of activity. “I’m tired of being called old” were some of the words that Laura Bozzo expressed in tears but at this moment she was very well accompanied by Daniella Navarro, Julia Gama, Rafael Nieves and Salvador Zerboni who are the unconditional support within the competition .

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Laura Bozzo He is one of the celebrities with the most experience in the house, therefore, we have seen how everyone in the competition has respect for him, but now it seems that things are beginning to turn a different color and we believe that Bozzo is also saturated and coexistence is beginning to take its toll, Laura sees this act as a way to destabilize her, although we believe that only Nacho wants to be kind and offered to do the test for her, but these constant attacks on Laura due to her age made her not last as long. pressure and was very vulnerable.

We have discovered the multiple facets of Laura Bozzo within the competition and now we see her most human side. “Miss Laura” has never allowed her age to be an impediment to being in the competition, although her entry to Telemundo is a way of thanking her fans for her support. “What a little mother… they forget that they will also reach that age”, “How false with Laura, I hope she wins”, “she cries because she is bored since day one they have bullied her because of her age” are some comments that support to Bozzo and also determines that the Peruvian presenter is the queen of the show and will have a safe pass to the final night of the competition.

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Laura Bozzo cries because of Nacho Casano What happened?

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