Laura Londoño: for this reason it was difficult for her to work with William Levy in “Café con aroma de mujer”

The success of “Café con aroma de mujer” is largely due to between its protagonists Laura Londoño and William Levy. However, if her great professionalism was evident on screen, for the Colombian actress, working with the Cuban heartthrob turned out to be . Why?

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Due to the great reception that fiction has had, which grew even more in popularity after reaching Netflix, the spotlights , although the series also with other popular actors, such as Carmen Villalobos; The truth is that for a few months the rumors of a bad relationship between Londoño and Levy have attracted a lot of attention from their fans.

The was consulted at the time about the relationship with her co-star and pointed out that it was in fact, it was good “Although it wasn’t always like that… it’s like life itself”. After this, in a new interview, Laura Londoño spoke again on the subject and this time she went deeper.

Laura Londoño and William Levy in “Coffee with the aroma of a woman” (Photo: Telemundo)


The Colombian actress spoke about her experience on the recording set with William Levy and confessed how difficult it was initially for her to adapt to his way of working. In fact, she revealed that in principle she did not know who the Cuban actor was, and to find out more about him, she had to resort to the Google search engine.

“I had no idea. I got into Google, of course I saw it and when I saw it I said: ‘Ah, yes, of course I’ve seen it, obviously’. But I didn’t have any reference, I didn’t know much about him, so everything was new “he pointed out in the interview with .

At another point, Londoño highlighted that Levy has a different way of working than hers, so in that sense, it was also difficult for her to work with him.

“I feel that it is not that he is more mature, but that he comes from an industry that has more experience than ours. In Colombia we have a way that sometimes can be in front of this industry from which he comes a little more naive, but that is neither good nor bad, it is simply different “assured the actress who played Gaviota in “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”.


According to the actress, Levy likes to give her adrenaline at the time of each scene, “His scripts are not fully known, but for him that is a whole method where he seeks to recreate among the actors the emotions that the scene should have”, details .

This way of working, she assures, is not the one that she applies because as an actress she seeks those emotions at the moment of the scene, not outside the scene. “William told me: ‘I look for him outside the scene. If the scene is uncomfortable I try to generate this discomfort from the outside’. Because he passed us. There were moments when I said, but why is this man like this with me? What happens? It’s weird'”revealed.

“Afterwards we would do the scene and I would tell him: ‘What’s going on?’ He tells me: ‘You saw that the scene was awkward, well I generated that before so that it came to the scene’. All those kinds of things are different ways of doing it. And I told him: ‘But come here, tell me you’re going to do that, don’t put me in this situation, I feel uncomfortable.’ He told me: ‘Precisely, if I tell you I’m not going to achieve the effect I’m looking for, so I can’t tell you’ ”.

Finally, Londoño assures that it was “Curious, different, super different, but that’s it, it’s like getting to know each other, connecting, understanding the forms and one says: ‘This is it, ready, this is the game, let’s play this’”.

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“Café con aroma de mujer” stars Laura Londoño and William Levy, with the antagonistic role of Carmen Villalobos (Photo: Telemundo)

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Laura Londoño: for this reason it was difficult for her to work with William Levy in “Café con aroma de mujer”

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