Lili Estefan reacts to the Belinda and Nodal scandal: “Never in 25 years of marriage did I ask for teeth”

Lili Stefan.

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Today all entertainment programs, news, social networks, fans and digital media agree on the same topic: the scandal between Belinda Y Christian NodalY the balcony of the singer showing a chat where she asks for money for her parents and to fix your teeth.

Of course, ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ was no stranger to this topic and they dedicated almost the entire program to it between the news, those who gave their opinion, the defense towards Nodal and the jokes. But what caught my attention the most was the reaction of Lili Estafan who rarely talks about her ex Lorenzo Luaces when she said: “Never in 25 years of marriage did I ask for teeth”.

Let us remember that this new scandal began when Belinda’s mother, Belinda Shüll responded with ‘applause’ to a comment that said Nodal was naco.

This was enough for the singer of ‘Aguardiente’, who on his Twitter account he published what would have been the last conversation with Belinda where she asks for money to fix her teeth and for her parents. Seeing that she doesn’t respond, she begins to tell him that he ruined her life and that she should keep his career, which is the only thing that matters to her.

In the middle of the news Raúl de Molina asked Lili how much it would cost if Nodal had to fix her teeth, as a joke considering that La Flaca is famous for her big mouth. and his teeth matching it.

After laughing at the grace of his friend, Lili became serious: “I don’t understand this, in 25 years of marriage I never asked to fix my teeth, or for any of those things”assured.

Also attacked Belinda assuring that now she understood everything that was said about her. Y De Molina defended Nodal saying: “He is a very good, educated, family boy, he was very generous with her, it looks like he got tired”.

Why did De Molina say this? Because many accuse the singer of ‘Ya no Somos, ni Seremos’ of having been a little gentleman in airing a private conversation with his ex While others, like Gordito, they defend him by assuring that it was the only way that the truth would finally be known, or at least the one told by him and speculation about the reasons for the end of courtship will stop at the beginning of February.

The question is, Will this really mark the end of post courtship scandals? We will have to wait, but everything indicates that this new chapter is just beginning.


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Lili Estefan reacts to the Belinda and Nodal scandal: “Never in 25 years of marriage did I ask for teeth”

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