Liliana Caldini, former model and ex-wife of Cacho Fontana, died

On Sunday night, Liliana Caldini, former model and ex-wife of Cacho Fontana, died. She was 71 years old. The sad news was confirmed to THE NATION by one of his twin daughters, Antonella.

Until now, the causes of the death of the remembered public figure who gained notoriety in the 70s from appearances on the small and big screen, such as the Chesterfield cigarette commercials and the film, have not been revealed. The long-haired stranger.

Caldini was born on August 26, 1951 in Buenos Aires. She was studying to become a teacher when in 1969, at age 18, she was chosen to star in a Chesterfield advertisement. This fact quickly made her one of the most famous faces in Argentine advertising at the time. Thanks to this work she began to forge a name and her face could be seen on magazine covers and television channels.

He was part of the cast of The Campanellione of the most popular costumbrista series in the history of Argentine television, and in 1970 he starred alongside Litto Nebbia, Miguel Bermúdez, Nacha Guevara and Diana Maggi, among others, in the film The long-haired strangerwhich narrates the origins of Argentine rock.

Cacho Fontana and Liliana Caldini, at the beginning of the 70sFile, Archive

In the midst of his budding fame fell completely in love with one of the most famous men of the moment, Cacho Fontana, who was 20 years older than her. Willing to bet on her family, Caldini got married and left her career behind to become the successful man’s all-terrain producer. At the end of the 1970s, the couple welcomed the only two daughters they would have together, the twins Antonella and Ludmila. Twelve years after the first crush, Caldini and Fontana separated, but they continued to maintain a good relationship for their daughters and transformed the initial feeling into friendship.

“The truth is that many years have passed since we parted ways, but we were and are good friends. Maybe if we hadn’t had the girls, contact would have been severed, but having two daughters together, we always stayed in touch. And then with the two grandchildren I don’t even tell you “, she told about the relationship she has with her ex.

Ludmila, who lives in Spain, made her Lucas’s grandmother, while Antonella, who lives in Buenos Aires, made her Joaquín’s grandmother. “They are the best thing that happened to me in my life. They are my hostesses and my engines. When I decline, there are my grandchildren. They are on my mind and in my heart. I am a super partner of the two ”, she revealed a year ago in an interview with the magazine Hola!

Liliana Caldini and her twin daughters with Cacho Fontana, Ludmila and Antonella
Liliana Caldini and her twin daughters with Cacho Fontana, Ludmila and Antonella

Liliana Caldini continued to work in the media, especially in radio and theater. She lived in Miami for six years but ended up returning to Buenos Aires due to a health problem. “I have gone through difficult illnesses, I was very complicated by cancer and my attitude helped me. When I’m down, I have to go out alone. Because if not, it’s like I weaken, it takes away my strength. It’s not that I’m self-sufficient, but that’s what I need to stay strong, not to slack off. Because if I loosen up, I become a poultice for others”, she expressed.

Lilian Caldini
Lilian CaldiniFile, Archive

“Music, I love music: I go to bed and wake up with music and I am able to dance with the broom while I sweep the house. Dancing is good for me. Dance socializes, makes people happy, transmits energy, that’s why the last time I dedicated myself to that a bit, with people my age. I did it for five years in the province of Buenos Aires: I went with my dance and my music to all the centers for older adults. And in the summer he did it in Mar del Plata, on the beach, on stage”, he told about how he spent his days lately.

Cacho Fontana and Liliana Caldini
Cacho Fontana and Liliana Caldini

“I am afraid of dying in pain. Eye, I would not like to live many years either. I would like to live as long as I can fend for myself, ”she told Hola! magazine. a year ago, in the last interview that she gave and that she will remain forever in the memory.

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Liliana Caldini, former model and ex-wife of Cacho Fontana, died

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