Lilibet Diana, daughter of Meghan and Harry, was slighted by the royal family? This was the treatment she received

Not only Megan and Harry they were ignored by the royal family during his visit to London, his children archie and Lilibet Diana they also went unnoticed; Kate Middletonthe prince william and the Queen Elizabeth II were singled out for the cruel treatment they gave to little Lilibet the day he celebrated his first birthday; This is how the British royalty behaved with the daughter of the Dukes of Sussex.

Although they tried to pretend that the meeting with Meghan and Harry took place in peace, the reality is that the royal family did everything they could not to cohabit with the Sussexes; since they refused to take photos Until they were invited to the most important events, the Royal House made it clear to the couple that if they want to be part of them again, it will take a long time.

However, in this quest to not being close to Meghan and Harrythe most important members of the royal family, such as the Queen Elizabeth II, William and Kate Middleton were singled out, by real experts, as unfair for the cruel treatment they gave Lilibet Diana.

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They accuse the royal family of cruel treatment towards Lilibet Diana, daughter of Meghan and Harry

Lilibet Diana. Photo: Instagram @misanharriman

Yes ok Lilibet Diana celebrated his first birthday in the company of his parents and loved ones, the royal family refused to attend his party: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Prince of Wales, Camilla of Cornwall and Queen Elizabeth II were not present despite being invited in advance. The worst was when Meghan and Harry tried take a photo of his little daughter with the British monarch and she flatly refused. This ban was described as extreme and unnecessary..

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“Archie took a photo with the Queen and Prince Philip when he was two days old. Denying this to Lilibet on her first birthday seems unnecessarily petty and also cruel.”, Real biographer Christopher Andersen pointed out to the medium TheDailyBeast.

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Meghan and Harry with their children, Archie and Lilibet Diana. Photo: Instagram

He added: “The Queen could have overruled her supervisors on this issue and of course he could have also allowed the Sussexes to appear on the balcony with the rest of the family at some point during the Platinum Jubilee.” This act was the one that unleashed most of the criticism because It is known that the queen takes pictures with all her great-grandchildren and with Lilibet Diana did not want to have the souvenir photo.

Who did Lilibet Diana meet in London?

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Zara and Mike Tindall took their children to Lilibet Diana’s party. Photo: AP

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During his stay in the UK, Lilibet Diana met Zara and Mike Tindall’s childrenMia, Lena and Lucas, along with the daughters of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly, Savannah and Island; also to Archie’s godfather, Charlie Van Straubenzee.

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Lilibet Diana, daughter of Meghan and Harry, was slighted by the royal family? This was the treatment she received

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