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87 & # 39; A short center by José Aguilefa and nothing happens in the Olimpia goal.

86 & # 39; Castillo is already recovering after that strong blow. Free kick for Marathón.

85 & # 39; Yellow for José García for a foul against Bryan Castillo. The Monster striker complains of pain.

84 & # 39; Tempers are heated after another foul suffered by Solani. They ask for the second yellow for Jonathan Paz.

83 & # 39; Above the shot of the young Maldonado. Pass the danger in the purslane area.

82 & # 39; Free kick in favor of Olimpia in the front of the area. There may be a tie.

81 & # 39; Frelys López leaves in Marathón and Bryan Castillo enters.


78 & # 39; Mayorquín retires on a stretcher after a crash. He is cared for off the field.

76 & # 39; Last changes in Olimpia: Altamirano leave for Jamir Maldonado and Eddie Hernández for Benguché.

75 & # 39; Maintains 1-0 in favor of Marathón at the Olímpico.

73 & # 39; José Aguilera launched the free kick and Eddie Hernández took the ball.

72 & # 39; Beckeles foul on Solani. Free kick for green.

70 & # 39; Cálix left in Marathón and his place is taken by & # 39; Pibe & # 39; Guevara.

68 & # 39; The rhythm of the match was slower in the complement.

66 & # 39; Luis Vega hit the free kick: the ball was in a good direction, but it goes just high.

65 & # 39; There is a dangerous free kick for Marathón. It may be the second.

64 & # 39; The vergolaga bench Melissa approaches to admonish Tato García.

63 & # 39; Jonathan Paz takes the yellow card. Hard foul against Solani because only the one from Marathon was leaving.

61 & # 39; Yellow for Allans Vargas for a foul against Altamirano.

60 & # 39; Eddie Hernández runs over Luis Vega after losing the ball with Techera. The Olympian is upset.

59 ‘Double change in the lion:’ Patón ‘Mejía and Jorge Álvarez leave for Carlos Pineda and Edwin Rodríguez.

57 ‘Variations are coming in Olympia. Carlos Pineda and Edwin Rodríguez enlist.

56 & # 39; Olimpia does not wake up. Los albos does not find the formula to do harm.

54 & # 39; Center from the left that Cálix tried and catches the goalkeeper without trouble.

52 & # 39; Great move by Pinto, taking off up to three players and at the moment of shooting, his shot hits the defense.

50 & # 39; Another lack of Solani and now on Pinto. Ball for the lions.

48 & # 39; Another ball into space for Bengtson and Denovan, very attentive, comes out quickly to stay with the ball.

47′ SEARCH FOR! Bengtson’s shot as Techera tried to close, but his shot went wide.

46 & # 39; There was a change in Marathón: the scorer Mario Martínez left and Mayorquín entered.


TO REST! Marathón defeats Olimpia by the minimum in the Olímpico; Menjívar left the match due to an apparent dizziness and the whites did not react after so much purslane.

49 & # 39; Isaac Castillo tried from outside the area.

48 & # 39; Half a turn from Bengtson and Denovan stops.

47 & # 39; Olimpia had started the game well, but after the goal it collapsed. No ideas from Pedro Troglio’s painting.

46 & # 39; Center for Bengtson from the right, but Denovan comes out very well.

45 ‘Four minutes will be played.

44 & # 39; Garrido foul on Pinto in the center of the field. Ball for the lion.

42 & # 39; Bengtson’s shot that goes outside. The white set does not generate danger.

40 & # 39; Marathon looks better after the goal. With more confidence the Tato team.

39′ ¡UUUYYY! Bengtson’s center, the ball hits Garrido’s hand and there is nothing. The Olimpia striker asked for a penalty.

38 & # 39; Close free kick by Mario Martínez and the goalkeeper clears the danger.

37 & # 39; The Monster’s bench jumps and they ask for the red one for Paz. Melissa does not draw cards and Vargas hurts on the grass. Another free kick in favor of Marathón.

36 & # 39; Jonathan Paz takes his elbow out and hits Allans Vargas in the body.

34 & # 39; Olimpia does not react after Marathon’s goal.

32 & # 39; The ball first hits Altamirano on the thigh and then on the hand. Melissa believes that it is not to sanction the penalty.

31′ ASK FOR PENAL MARATHON! Hand within the Altamirano area and the greens demand the maximum penalty. Melissa Pastrana doesn’t whistle anything.

30 & # 39; Great center of Cálix that surprised the Olympic defense and Mario Martínez puts the 1-0 over Olimpia. Good laboratory move from the greens.


27 & # 39; Altarmino’s foul on Luis Vega and is saved from the yellow. Free kick for Marathón.

26 & # 39; José Aguilera’s shot is totally off target. Calix asked for more tranquility of his companion.

25 & # 39; Marathón tries to take danger down the right wing.

23 & # 39; Eddie Hernández takes the yellow. The second caution of the game.

22′ NEAR VARGAS! Great pass from Mario Martínez and the defender appears unmarked, but the ball is a little high and I couldn’t hit him at will. The clearest for now for the local.

20 & # 39; There is still no clarity from both teams. Marathón now plays more in the rival area.

19 & # 39; Garrido’s shot that Alex Güity saves without problems.

18 ‘José Aguilera is cautioned with a yellow in Marathón.

17 & # 39; First change in the dawn: the dizzy Menjívar leaves and Alex Güity enters.

16 ‘Well, Menjívar cannot continue. The doorman requests the change.

15 & # 39; Menjívar has not had contact with anything. The goalkeeper seems to be dizzy and warms up Alex Güity.

14′ EYE! The game is stopped. Edrick Menjívar asks for medical assistance.

12 & # 39; Ball into space for Bengtson, but the forward fouls and loses hand-to-hand against Denovan.

10 & # 39; Altamirano asked for a foul after stealing the ball. Melissa doesn’t whistle anything.

9 & # 39; Marathón continues to handle it on the Olympic ground. Touch and touch the greens.

8 ‘And now Marathon tries to equalize things. Long possession of the Monster.

6 ‘Possession of Olimpia in these first minutes.

5 & ​​# 39; Center from the left of Pinto and Bengtson does not arrive on time. The lion approaches.

4′ ¡UUUYY! Altamirano’s shot after a corner that Denovan rejected and the shot went just wide.

3 & # 39; Another foul in favor of Olimpia. Now from Frelys on Portillo.

2 ‘And now Solani is missing on Jonathan Paz. The second from the purslane striker.

1 & # 39; First foul of the match in favor of Olimpia. Solani collides with Jorge Álvarez.


7:02: Win the Olympia toss and move the ball.

7:00 PM: The two squads get together to finalize the details. Pastrana jogs in the spinal cord.

6:58 PM: Both teams come out onto the grass. All set for the national classic.

6:55 PM: The atmosphere that is lived in the Olympic before starting the duel.

The confirmed 11 of Marathon: Denovan Torres, José Aguilera, Allans Vargas, Mathías Techera, Luis Vega; Cristian Cálix, Luis Garrido, Isaac Castillo, Mario Martínez; Frelys López and Edwin Solani.

Substitutes: Harol Fonseca, John Paul Suazo, Selvin Guevara, Byron Rodríguez, Mayorquín, Miranda, Víctor Berrios, Bryan Castillo and Mikel Santos.

The confirmed 11 of Olympia: Edrick Menjívar, José García, Brayan Beckeles, Jonathan Paz, Javier Portillo; José Pinto, Jorge Álvarez, Germán Mejía, Christian Altamirano; Jerry Bengtson and Eddie Hernández.

Substitutes: Guity; Orellana, Félix Crisanto, Gastón Díaz, Maldonado, Allan Banegas, Carlos Pineda, Edwin Rodriguez, Velasquez, Figueroa, Benguché and Diego Reyes.

6:35 PM: The referee Melissa Pastrana on her arrival at the San Pedro Sula Olympic Stadium.

6:33 PM: Our journalist sent to the Olímpico, Kelvin Coello, tells us through a Facebook Live the atmosphere that exists prior to this playoff match.

6:30 PM: Marathon is doing the warm-up work at the Olympic stadium.

6.20 PM: Pedro Troglio has not uniformed Colombian striker Yustin Arboleda. Edwin Rodríguez goes to the bench.

6:00 PM: Olimpia will have to use an alternate dressing room at the Olympic stadium; the meringue box denounces that they threw a toxic substance that makes it impossible for them to stay in that place.

5:50 PM: Fans of both teams have begun to enter the Olympic stadium where, in this tournament, Marathon was able to beat the albos.

The excitement of the qualifying rounds was left behind and today the 2021 Apertura playoffs get underway. At 7:00 pm Marathón receive the Olympiad at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium

The albos arrived this Wednesday night in San Pedro Sula and the players who made up the Honduras National Team joined there.

For this meeting, the technician albo Pedro Troglio confirmed that he will not be able to count on the steering wheel Edwin Rodriguez, who played 81 minutes with the “H” in a 2-1 loss to Costa Rica in San José.

Martín “Tato” García it also comes with casualties; Carlo Costly and Ovid Lance They will not be on the grass this Thursday due to injury and Kervin Arriaga, to whom the strategist said they will give him rest.

Greens vs Whites, even series in the laps

Olimpia closed third in the Apertura 2021 table and his rival on duty; Marathon, finished sixth. But in the regular laps they equalized with one win per side.

In the first match, played in this same setting (Olympic Stadium), the purslane won 3-1 with a hat-trick from Bryan Castillo.

The second round match played in the Capital was won by León with a 1-0 victory with a solitary goal by Jerry Bengtson.

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LIVE: Olimpia can not against Marathón and continues to fall in the first leg playoff – Diez – Diario Deportivo