LIVE. Presidential 2022: “Eric Zemmour is neither an adversary, nor a partner, he is a competitor”, assures Marine Le Pen

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08h34 : The candidate of the National Rally (she took leave of the presidency of the party during the campaign) also ensures that she wants the return of the seven-year term, with a single mandate. However, it does not itself undertake to serve only one mandate: “I need ten years to do what I want to do.”

08h26 : If she is elected in April 2022, Marine Le Pen wishes to create a government of national unity “, she assures on franceinfo. “All those who believe in France, from Zemmour to Montebourg, have a vocation to be able to participate in a government of national unity”.

08h03 : “I ask Emmanuel Macron for a moratorium on [le démantèlement de la centrale de] Fessenheim.”

If she was elected, Marine Le Pen assures that she would reopen the Fessenheim (Haut-Rhin) plant, whose closure began in June 2020. She also promises to dismantle the wind turbines.

08h03 : Marine Le Pen confirms on franceinfo that she is to restore to 40 years the number of years of contributions necessary to retire with a full pension (against 41 years and 3 months for a departure today). Like Emmanuel Macron, she promises that she will increase the minimum amount of a retirement pension to 1,000 euros.

07h39 : Asked about Eric Zemmour, who no longer makes great secrecy about his participation in the presidential election, Marine Le Pen believes that he is not “neither an adversary, nor a partner, but a competitor”. His proposals “are more immature than those we present”, she says, assuring that the RN benefits from his experience.

07h36 : Does the candidate supported by the RN wish leave the migrants “freezing to death”, as advocated by party spokesperson Julien Odoul? No, she assures, believing that we must leave the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees bring them “care” and some “food”.

07h31 : We must not give in to “blackmail” from Belarus, says Marine Le Pen. Westerners accuse Alexander Lukashenko’s regime of deliberately orchestrating the crisis by encouraging migrants to come to the country and then bringing them to the border.

07h31 : “Under no circumstances should the borders be opened.”

Marine Le Pen believes on franceinfo that “Europe is under siege”, while thousands of people from the Middle East are massed on the border between Belarus and Poland, hoping to be able to reach the European Union.

07h26 : Marine Le Pen ensures that she will be vaccinated for a third time against Covid-19. But that she “respect” the choice of those who would do otherwise. Whatever the situation of the epidemic, she promises that if she was elected in May, she would not impose a health pass.


07h26 : The RN candidate was reacting to Austria’s announcement of a new confinement, as of today, which only concerns people who have not been vaccinated or who have not recently contracted Covid-19. About 65% of the population has a full vaccination schedule in Austria, a lower figure than in France (75%).

07h26 : “A confinement has absolutely no place to be”, estimates Marine Le Pen, guest of “Presidential Matins”, new political meeting of franceinfo. “Our freedoms are at stake”, assures the candidate of the National Assembly for the presidential election.

07h27 : Marine Le Pen will be the guest of Franceinfo’s “Presidential Matins” in a few minutes. Follow his interview with us by turning on your TV, your radio or in this direct. Marine Le Pen, candidate of the National Rally for the 2022 presidential election, during the party congress in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales), July 4, 2021.(VALENTINE CHAPUIS / AFP)

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LIVE. Presidential 2022: “Eric Zemmour is neither an adversary, nor a partner, he is a competitor”, assures Marine Le Pen