Lucía Méndez reappears in networks with a new face, her fans do not recognize her and are scared

Lucía Méndez reappears in networks with a new face, her fans do not recognize her and are scared, because they say that they only know that it is her by the voice. So far the famous actress and singer has not commented on it.

Undoubtedly Lucia Mendez is a living legend, after a successful stint in TV soaps What “You or anyone”, “Colorina”, “Vanessa”, “The strange return of Diana Salazar” and more, she became one of the most beloved Mexican actresses worldwide. Lucía Méndez has not only shone for her beauty and her talent but also for her voice, but now her followers are concerned about his desire not to grow old.

And it was a few hours ago when through social networks Lucia Mendez invited his followers to watch his live broadcasts, but what caught the most attention was how strange his face looked.

Although it could well have been a filter from the application itself, others insisted that the actress of “Vivian” had been underwent an aesthetic proceduredestroying the statements of Lucía Méndez herself where she insisted that she had not had any surgery on her face, but simply had taken great care of herself for a long time.

Lucia Mendez He also caused controversy by refusing to show off his gray hair and always wear impeccable hair.

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Lucía Méndez, the inspiration of Bárbara de Regil

In recent weeks it was announced that the renowned producer, Jose Alberto “El Guero” Castro, He will make a new version of Lucía Méndez’s successful telenovela, “Tú o nada”. On this occasion, the protagonists will be Barbara of Regil and Matías Novoa, for which many have expressed that Bárbara has a great example to follow.

Although Lucía Mendez has not spoken about it, this is the fourth version of the telenovela after “Acapulco, body and soul” and “Sortilegio”, so surely Bárbara de Regil will be able to do something of her own with the character during her debut on Televisa.

For now, Lucia Mendez She continues to celebrate her great career with presentations abroad and events on social networks where her followers continue to show their support for the great Mexican diva.

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Lucía Méndez reappears in networks with a new face, her fans do not recognize her and are scared

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