Luis Miguel was rejuvenated, surrounded by influencers and in an exclusive restaurant in Miami

Luis Miguel posed with fans in an exclusive restaurant in Miami – Credits: @Instagram / naiza

Luis Miguel’s life usually goes through different stages and moments, something could already be confirmed, and by far, in the successful biographical series made by Netflix. There are times when he is more active and does not get off the stage and others when he chooses to show himself little, or almost nothing.

In fact, after the boom of Luis Miguel, the series, Everything seemed given for the artist to fully return to the ring since, supported by that success, he went on stage and began to tour Latin America. Nevertheless, the pandemic confined him again and apparently, for a long time . Indeed, while many artists are already back on stage, he remains the same as in these last two years and little has been known about him and his music.

Now some images taken by three influencers circulated that give clues to what the new life is like, post-pandemic, of Luisito Rey’s son. It was during the birthday of the Ecuadorian influencer and singer Naíza, when she and her friends -among them, Agatha Sención and Jamalat Larach- ran into the singer of “Beneath the table” in an exclusive restaurant in Miami and did not want to miss the opportunity to take a photo with him.

Luis Miguel and the three influencers

Luis Miguel and the three influencers – Credits: @Instagram / agathasencion

Far from being upset The Sun posed smiling with the three friends, and also artists. In the image shared by one of the influencers you can see the Mexican smiling, dressed in black and with a very good countenance. Is that why he decided to break one of his rules, which is to avoid cameras when he’s in civilian clothes? What the photo returns is the image of a quite relaxed and even rejuvenated man, quite different from the photos that circulated months ago.

The person in charge of viralizing the photo was Agatha Sención, an influencer who is dedicated to posting about fashion, modeling, travel, and that makes tourist recommendations and promotion of various brands. It was on her Instagram account where the girl in question said that they went to Miami to celebrate the birthday of her best friend in the renowned bar and restaurant sexy-fish. This space is frequented by the local upper class and also by tourists in search of an oceanic and different proposal. It is one of the most exclusive places, it has a dresscode and it is not usually easy to enter.

Luis Miguel and Naiza

Luis Miguel and Naiza – Credits: @Instagram / naiza

In the middle of the event, they had the pleasant surprise of running into the very Sun of Mexico. According to Agatha, she and her friends were contemplating the incredible design of the bathrooms, where imposing statues of sirens stand out, when They met Luis Miguel, who agreed to take a picture with them.

Diego Boneta, the actor who played the Sun King in Luis Miguel, the series

Diego Boneta, the actor who played the Sun King in Luis Miguel, the series – Credits: @Netflix

Meanwhile, the birthday girl, Naiza, one of the emerging singers of the trap scene in Ecuador, wrote next to the photo where she is seen with Micky: “My bday weekend (weekend of celebrations) began with the Sun of Mexico and the little people I love the most. Best gift”.

Finally, the Honduran Jamalat Larach is the third woman to be seen in the photograph, she is a plastic artist and according to her country’s media, she also has a producer of entertainment and cultural events.

Captured by his followers

This year, the Sun King was captured at least twice by the cameras of his followers. The first was in January, when she was walking through the streets of Brickell, in Miami (where he lives), together with his alleged girlfriend, Argentine model Mercedes Villador.

The second was May, when he appeared alone in a perfume shop in that city trying several fragrances until finding the right one.

Of very informal dress – white shirt and shorts, on that occasion he was also very relaxed, without causing problems for the cameras of the fans who were surprised to see him walk without security or an entourage of assistants. Interviewed by local television, the employees who attended him later revealed that Luismi wanted to take the most expensive perfume.


This is the life of Imanol Landeta away from the stage.

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Luis Miguel was rejuvenated, surrounded by influencers and in an exclusive restaurant in Miami

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