Luisana Lopilato shared a video of the previous one and the moment in which Cielo, her fourth daughter with Michael Bublé, was born

Luisana Lopilato shared the video of the birth of Cielo, her fourth daughter with Michael Bublé

The Argentine actress louisana lopilato and canadian singer Michel Buble They became parents for the fourth time last Friday when little Cielo Yoli Rose was born in the city of Vancouver. “Of love is life and it is light and she… our little Cielo Yoli Rose Bublé. At 3.8 kg you finally came into our lives!! Thank you God for this infinite blessing of making us your parents!! We love you!”both members of the couple wrote on social networks, both in Spanish and English.

In this way, the Bublé-Lopilato family added a new member to Noah, 9 years old, Elías, 6, and Vida, 4. The arrival of the new member had been announced last February, but the name was reserved until the moment of delivery. But, 48 hours after birth and in the midst of the emotion of welcoming the baby to her family, Luisana shared intimate images of her birth.

“Story of an unforgettable day. Touch the sky with your hands”, The actress wrote on her social networks along with a video where she is seen showing her huge belly before giving birth and the moments before her daughter’s arrival. “We love you deeply,” she added in the post that also shows the singer’s accompaniment in the delivery room, the reception of Cielo and the happiness of the figure of Married with kids when you first breastfeed your baby.

Luisana calmly awaited the arrival of Cielo, with her family and in contact with her Instagram followers. Previously there was celebrated the baby shower surrounded by her most intimate surroundings. It was a very special day and we are saying goodbye to the belly. Thanks to my friends and family who were in charge of preparing a spectacular baby shower, they made me feel very special and loved. Now yes, we enter the countdown, ”she wrote along with an album of the celebration with her loved ones.

Hours before becoming a mother, she opened a question and answer game on the social network where she has more than six million followers. There she told that it was going to be “a very careful and accompanied delivery, but it will not be at home”. On the other hand, an Internet user wanted to know the sex and the name of her future daughter. “She’s a baby… and that’s all I can tell you for now”expressed leaving a cloak of doubt that was finally revealed as Sky Yoli Rose.

Luisana Lopilato’s first post after the birth of Cielo

“How have you been feeling? Nervous or more relaxed?” Was another of the questions that came to her. “I love being pregnant! I love the whole process, but now that I am very, very close to the date, I feel a little more anxious. We want to meet her now”, admitted the former Rebel way. Her wishes were her orders and this Friday she became a mother for the fourth time.

Although at that time he had not wanted to reveal his little girl’s name, yes he could advance who chose him: “One of his brothers. There is little left for them to find out, ”he anticipated. And she also made it clear that she’s not the only anxious one in the family. “With this little face asking every now and then how much is missing, like when you go on a trip, they kill me with love!”, he wrote next to a smiling image of sponge Bob.

Let us remember that Luisana Lopilato is preparing to participate in the recreation of the successful Siticon Married with Children in her role as Paola Argento, next January. The theater piece at the Gran Rex will feature most of the original cast made up of his brother Darío, Guillermo Francella, Florencia Peña and Marcelo De Bellis. Instead, there will be no Erica Rivas, replaced by Jorgelina Aruzzi, who will be the new girlfriend of Dardo’s character.


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Luisana Lopilato shared a video of the previous one and the moment in which Cielo, her fourth daughter with Michael Bublé, was born

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