Lyn May attacked Becky G and Anitta: “Here the only one who dances and sings reggaeton is me”

The Mexican vedette ventured into the urban genre with “La Loba”. (Photo: @lyn_may_, @iambeckyg, @anitta / Instagram)

Lyn May is involved in controversy for her controversial statements against two great representatives of reggeaton: Anitta Y Becky G. The Mexican vedette mentioned that both artists are copying her style to the point of considering that the popular dance of the interpreter of To wrap is a “copy” of his iconic hip movements on stage.

The actress who shone in the Files Cinema granted an interview for the program Joy come, where he talked about his next show with which he intends to tour a large part of Mexico and the United States. During the talk, Lyn May exploded against the female stars of the urban genre because she thinks that: “Here the only one who dances and sings reggaeton is me”.

The native of Acapulco, Guerrero, hinted that she considers herself a pioneer of said musical genre and dance style because since her debut in national cinema she impressed more than one with her surprising steps that were characterized by their elasticity: “I already arrived with everything for a long time, they copy me but it doesn’t work out very well for them”.

Anitta reacted to Erika Buenfil’s TikTok

Regarding Anitta’s popular dance that is currently trending on social networks, Lyn May not only mentioned that it is an imitation of her style, she also launched a strong criticism of the physical appearance of the young performer:

Anitta has very wet buttocks, have you seen them? they look like jellies. My God, I would feel sorry […] I have been doing it for how many years and she barely goes, poor thing”.

In this context, the actress Beauties of the night He showed off his figure and assured that he maintains many firm areas thanks to his constant exercise routines. Lastly, he mentioned that he would like to do a collaboration with Firm Groupa group that in recent years has achieved fame with their covers and subsequent own releases.

Mexican talent has joined this trend in social networks

Despite harsh criticism that the actress from Tivolimany figures from the national media have joined the challenge of TikTok which consists of trying to imitate the step of twerking from Anitta. Among the artists who have tried it, Kristal Silva, María León and Erika Buenfil stand out..

On the other hand, after Lyn May confessed that she had a torrid affair with Manuel Crazy Valdés, one of his sons denied the information. It was in front of the Venga la Alegría cameras that Marcos Valdés denied the star’s testimony by commenting that: “No, I can almost assure you that he was not with her”.

However, he recalled that on some occasion the actor of crazy salad He told her that the woman from Acapulco had sent him a somewhat risqué photograph, but their interaction did not go beyond that. It is worth mentioning that The dancer is planning to launch a biographical book where she will recount some of her romantic encounters with figures from the mediaamong them would be the comedian.

Manuel Valdés passed away on August 28, 2020 at the age of 89. (PHOTO: DIEGO SIMÓN SÁNCHEZ / CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Manuel Valdés passed away on August 28, 2020 at the age of 89. (PHOTO: DIEGO SIMÓN SÁNCHEZ / CUARTOSCURO.COM)

Lyn May was not far behind and quite upset responded to the comments of the member of the Valdés dynasty during her same interview with Come the Weekend Joy. The vedette asked that she not get involved in the issue and not only confirmed that she had romantic relationships with him Mad Y Tin-Tanbut had romances with many more figures.

I don’t know why they get involved now. I have had many lovers, but well men who are not talking about things out there. It is my story and I am also very happy, ”she said. “I didn’t know Ramón, but the one I hung out with the most was with Tin-Tan and then I was with his brother for a long time […] If you like someone and they insist on you, one is weak, the meat is weak and one day I told him: ‘Well, listen to him,'” he added.


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Lyn May attacked Becky G and Anitta: “Here the only one who dances and sings reggaeton is me”

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