Maite Perroni could be expecting her first baby

Apparently the former Rebel, Maite Perroniis experiencing one of the most specialstender and long-awaited in the life of a woman, a wonderful wait of nine months next to her partner, the producer Andres Tovar.

In accordance with TV Notes, Maite Perroni She is already wearing a suspicious belly, which raised the question of whether the actress is waiting for the stork’s arrival, because the couple also looks excited, because they are waiting for a little more time to pass to give the beautiful News.

This couple confirmed their relationship in October 2021 and now, everything seems to indicate that their love bore fruit and the interpreter of ‘Ser o Seemer’, among many others and protagonist of soap operas, is just over two months old of pregnancy, as published by said magazine.

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Maite Perroni could be waiting for the arrival of the stork

Maite Perroni could be waiting for the arrival of the stork. Photo: Facebook.

TV Notas published an interview with a supposed close friend of Maite Perroni, who revealed the gestation time of the actress’s baby, also assured that the happy couple waits for the recommended time (three months of gestation) to confirm and announce everything high this great event in their lives.

According to the friend, Maite and Andrés are wonderful, because they are a beautiful couple, in love and happy. He even mentioned that now that Perroni is premiering the movie Without you I can’t and his partner Andrés Tovar has joined TV Azteca, they are both at their best as professionals, for which they are both proud of each other, because they they support unconditionally and more now that a great gift of life will come to them.

Maite is expecting a baby. It is confirmed by the lips and voice of the future mother herself, ”she revealed to TV Notas.

This friend, whose identity was not published, mentioned that she had been aware of this pregnancy for a week. She said that she was Maite Perroni herself, who shared the news with them, because she was her most unconditional friend.

The truth is, she was so excited that she wasn’t even ready to break the news, it got out of hand and we all screamed for joy,” she said.

In the words of this friend, the couple was already looking to have a baby, so she ruled out whether it was an unwanted or surprising pregnancy, since the two decided not to take care of themselves anymore, so they applied themselves to doing their homework and “it hit them very fast,” he said.

As for the months that Maite Perroni has been pregnant, she stated that she is about to turn three months, so, since the first three months are always the most careful, the couple decided to wait for that period of time to pass, to be able to announce the great news, in addition to the fact that many things have happened to them in these months, he said.

According to the friendship of the ex RBDin these months, the mother of Maite Perroni have had health problemsd, because they operated on her for an aneurysm last February, and in the case of Andrés, his job change. Situations that the couple did not want to affect the baby; however, she said that, fortunately, everything is going great and they will be able to break the news soon.

I have not seen him, but she says that Andrés cannot be happy, which was double because, after knowing that he would be a father, they looked for him from TV Azteca to produce Get closer to Rocío. You can imagine how happy he was, surely the baby will bring cake under his arm, ”said the friend of Maite Perroni.

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Maite Perroni could be expecting her first baby

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