Manelyk González: Her beauty escapes her wardrobe in Las Estrellas Bailan en TODAY

The famous mexican model, Manelyk Gonzalezhas managed to stand out in various participations on television, to know and obtain his fame in the reality shows from mtv, ‘Acapulco Shore’however, now had the opportunity to participate in a new one, ‘The Stars Dance in TODAY’.

This time we will tackle a video in which we could see a very curious situation that called the arrest of viewers, because after making their dance together with his partner, Charles Speitzerher beauty tried to escape from her wardrobe and succeeded.

Such was the incident that even the famous woman had to cover herself with her hand right in the final pose, something that should not normally be done, because at the end of a routine, the most professional thing would be to adopt the final position, no matter what was happening with her suit, but she chose better to take care of what the cameras caught on her.

The moment did not go too far, but it did generate expectations and also strong emotion for the dancerwho is demonstrating that great talent that she had hidden to dance and to impose herself on stage, looks splendid with the costumes she wears.

The fans wanted to notice exactly how it happened, so they repeated the clip several times and realized that the final load was responsible for the top part of his outfit to go down a little and that almost all of Mexico will almost watch what below her, but she was ready to avoid it.

Let us remember that Manelyk González also recently participated in La Casa de los Famosos, lately she has been invited to several projects and in each of them she has given everything, in the aforementioned she even managed to reach the final.

It is also important to remember that she loves uploading photos to her official Instagram, apart from the fact that it is part of her job, she loves receiving attention, nice comments and of course people who are supporting her at all times and looking to make her feel good, reason for which he does not stop sharing with us a little more of his life through this medium.

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Manelyk González: Her beauty escapes her wardrobe in Las Estrellas Bailan en TODAY

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