Marcelo Tinelli’s post with Alina Moine amid rumors

Marcelo Tinelli’s post with Alina Moine amid rumors of romance

Marcelo Tinelli He was one of the first celebrities to travel to Qatar to enjoy the World Cup 2022. the driver of sing with me now he went with his son lolohis cousin the Tirrithe producers flat prada Y Frederick Hoppe and friends, but there he met several celebrities, among them the journalist Alina Moine.

The rumors of romance among the communicators did not take long to travel 13 thousand kilometers to Buenos Aires and grabbed the headlines. While enjoying his bachelorhood, Tinelli faced the sayings and humorously referred to the situation through his social networks.

“We are ready to go to the field to see Uruguay and he came to greet ‘the girlfriend‘”, the driver wrote in one of his stories while showing Tirri, Lolo and Alina, ironizing the rumors. She immediately raises her arms and celebrates, while the rest of those present applaud and laugh at the situation. “Come on, we’re all here to go to the field to see Uruguay Y Korea and Chato arrives”, he describes.

Alina Moine and Marcelo Tinelli
Alina Moine and Marcelo Tinelli

“Look who’s here?”, he tells his producer and he very sure responds: “The girlfriend.” “Come on,” Marcelo is heard saying and everyone, even his son Lolo who raises her arms, applauds.

Later he shared images on the court, with the Tirri, Lolo, the Chato and even with Diego Korolwhom they met by chance because she had gone to work, but Alina was not seen in the scenes.

A few days ago, an Argentine who is in Qatar and is a fan of the leader of laflia shared a photo with him on the beach. “Well, we are here with Romina, what were you doing?” He is heard asking the host of sing with me now. To which she replies: “I was looking for you because I love you, because I’m your number one fan.” Laughing, the driver wanted to know why the woman was in Qatar. “I live here because my husband works here,” she responded enthusiastically.

Tinelli was surprised by the intense search that his admirer did to find him. “My husband was bringing me everywhere, I told him ‘he’s on the beach, in La Perla’, I’m running, looking for you and I found you!” She explained. “I love you,” Marcelo expressed, grateful. And she, euphoric, replied: “I love you, I love you with all my soul. I want people to know that I found Marcelo Tinelli, please. I’m happy”.

Before saying goodbye and without hesitation, Romina asked him: “Come back with Dancing.” “Well, come on,” he told her, leaving the door open to a new edition of the contest. To finish convincing him, she offered him a role in that format: “If you want, I’ll dance behind you, I defend myself, I dance very well. I can cheer you up, whatever.” And she closed: “I love you.” Laughing, the driver fired her: “Thank you, Romi.”

“DREAM FULFILLED like this in capital letters!! I’m still shaking, I can’t believe it!! Thank you Marcelo Tinelli for the good vibes I love you I love you! And thanks to my fatty who did everything for me to fulfill my dream!! THANK YOU TOTAL. My dream come true! You have no idea how happy I am! If I die tomorrow, I die happy! Marcelo Tinelli, thanks for the good vibes. I love you,” she later wrote of the encounter. “How divine you are. I love you,” he replied to the story, still surprised by the fanaticism of the woman who lives in Qatar.

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Marcelo Tinelli’s post with Alina Moine amid rumors

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