Marcia Saborío stopped laughing: actress talks about the most painful year of her life

Marcia Saborío de la Fuente allows herself to feel. If she needs to cry, she does it “until she dries up” or, if what she wants is to laugh, she “laughs until she drowns”. It is common to associate the renowned actress with jokes, quips and laughter, however, the year 2021 was a time of great sorrow: she went through a stage in which not even her beloved work “could save her”. The artist needed to overcome her pain.

The actress is the protagonist of a new chapter of story timefrom (which you can see in the attached video), a space in which we talked with Marcia and she referred to the pain that overwhelmed her after losing her parents two months apart. This time, we met a very different face than usual. She also touched on her experience with covid-19 and other struggles she has had throughout her life.

On February 28, 2021, his mother, Doña Flora María de la Fuente, passed away. On May 1, his father, Rodolfo Saborío, died. In two months, Marcia lost her pillars, her parents who were her companions in everything.

“We had been seeing my mom’s thing since 2020 because she started with symptoms of cancer in the peritoneum. We were quite worn out from seeing a being that one loves so much deteriorate in that way. My dad just had dementia. He was not physically ill. I think they agreed to it because they left one after the other. In 2021 many things came together”, says Marcia, who says that it was very painful to know that her mother was facing this disease.

“It was hard to go make people laugh. I had been crying for my mom since she found out that she had terminal cancer (in October 2020). Before that she had given him a stroke. She was a very strong woman. She didn’t want chemotherapy. She lasted us six months. Work takes you out of stress and pain. But there are times when you don’t want to make anyone laugh. One cannot laugh at anything. Despite that, you have training to move forward, the affection of the people carries you.

“Just as I am expressive for laughter, I am also expressive for sorrow. People notice me. We are human beings like any other. People idealize you, imagine you flawless, but we have everything. After my mom and dad died, I was in a project and for the first time in my life, work was not a saving grace for me.”

Marcia Saborío was detained for three months, secluded herself in her house and there she went through the pain that she says “is indescribable”.

“I couldn’t provoke a feeling that wasn’t the one I was feeling because it was so immense, I was so overwhelmed with grief that I couldn’t pretend to feel anything else,” he confided in the interview.

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A year later, comforted by the knowledge that her parents remain in her DNA, Marcia reflected on what she had learned in the time of trial.

“There is a reassessment of what is important and what is not. All things come to their right place. Things I don’t care about. I choose the battles, I no longer have to fight for everything. I’m not interested in winning, or contradicting anyone.

“I have and have had mine that have made me a warrior. I’ve had some pretty tough battles.”

Her name is Marcia María and the meaning of her name is Brave Warrior. She has proven it to herself, like this, when situations that seemed to be the worst demonstrated her strength; she overcame a divorce after discovering infidelities, then she managed to get out of a romantic relationship in which she had “an unhealthy partner” and got out of a situation in which she almost lost all of her assets.

All this was left behind and today, Marcia Saborío, 58, is ready to continue. There is still much to do and dream, even though grief continues to occupy a space in her heart, she says.

See the entire interview in the video that accompanies this note.

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Marcia Saborío stopped laughing: actress talks about the most painful year of her life

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