María Fernanda Callejón’s ex-husband published a strong statement after their separation: “We still wonder what happened”

Maria Fernanda Callejon, Ricky Diotto and their daughter Giovanna

“It is with regret that we have to inform you that after 11 years as a couple, which included eight years of marriage, we have made the difficult decision to separate,” he said. Maria Fernanda Callejon in a statement he issued about his present with Ricky Diottothe father of her daughter Giovannaof six.

After the words of the actress, the musician used his personal Instagram account to refer with the greatest affection to who was his wife and the mother of his daughter. In the writing, in addition, he shared his love story and everything they lived together during the 11 years of the couple.

“One noon I picked her up to go eat. It was 11 years ago. After a month I went to live with her. Together, we travel, laugh, cry and make a wonderful family. To me, meeting her changed my life forever. As a result of that unconditional love, our daughter was born, who today is the most important thing we have and we must protect, “wrote the musician and composer on the social network in which he has more than 100,000 followers.

Without giving too many details about the reasons that led the couple to make the decision to separate, Diotto admitted: “We are still wondering what happened. Here there were no third parties, infidelities, or anything like that. We are simply not the same as always and we cannot continue on this path that is not doing anyone any good”.

Ricky Diotto and his daughter Giovanna
Ricky Diotto and his daughter Giovanna

“That is why, with Fer, we have made the decision to separate and continue with each one of their lives, having Giovanna’s happiness as a priority,” added the singer, who also works as a dentist and is a specialist in oral implantology.

Meanwhile, he maintained that they will continue to be “family”. “I am going to be grateful for the rest of my life for everything we have built together, We gave every last drop for this love and for this relationship. That has to leave us calm and in peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following our story and always accompanying us with much love and respect, ”added the person who signed the statement with his name and surname.

Ricky Diotto's statement about his separation from María Fernanda Callejón
Ricky Diotto’s statement about his separation from María Fernanda Callejón

Maria Fernanda Callejon had issued a letter through his social networks in which he had referred with the same affection as his now ex-partner. “In the same way that during this time they have witnessed our effort as a couple and family to achieve our dream, which began with our union and the blessed arrival of our daughter, Giovanna, whom we adore with our hearts and We want to accompany you in every step of your young life so that you can be the best possible person.”, He explained when announcing the separation, also clarifying that there were no third parties in disagreement in said decision.

“That is why, after a lot of work and reflection, as a couple and as individuals, we came to the conclusion that this is the best decision for us, but above all for her and her individual development. We will continue together as proud parents, supporting her, united as the family that we are. We will appreciate the respect for our privacy in this difficult time that we find ourselves going through, especially for our daughter Giovanna, who is only a six-year-old girl, ”she added in the statement in which she speaks in the plural, also referring to Ricky Diotto.


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María Fernanda Callejón’s ex-husband published a strong statement after their separation: “We still wonder what happened”

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