Maria Fernanda Yepes secretly married Nicolás Rodríguez: this was the wedding

The actress, known especially for her character ‘Rosario’ in the series ‘Rosario Tijeras’, gave details of her wedding, of which very few knew. The actress and her husband, Nicolás Rodríguez, decided to get married far from civilization, of protocol and spontaneity: both wanted privacy and a Catholic ceremony out of tradition and respect for their families.

According to the publications of Maria Fernanda Yepes, the marriage took place in the middle of nature, in Cerro Tusa, Antioquia, where they put aside their rings, shoes and cell phones; Only a few white umbrellas, white suits and the love that both feel were enough to carry out a wedding in the most natural, secret and reserved style.

“During the week, any Wednesday. No protocols, no reflectors, no platforms, no imposed ceilings. No cell phones, no tags. Barefoot, without noise, in the company of God and our family, ”revealed the artist on her Instagram account.

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The event ended with a ‘fire ceremony‘ to seal their union before heaven and earth. The newlyweds were blessed by the priest and, at the end of the day, they celebrated the union with a family dinner.

wedding details

The couple chose an ordinary day to get married, they did not bother to choose a date or a special moment. Her marriage, as the actress told the magazine ’15 minutes’, took place on April 27, 2022 in the morning hours.

The few guests who attended, they were picked up in ‘tuk-tuk’ carts without knowing exactly where they would go or where the nuptials would take place. Every detail was uncertain and unexpected.

At about 10 in the morning, both said ‘yes i do’ barefoot no rings were offered and Nicolás decided to “kidnap” the cell phones of all the guests so that the wedding would be even more private and away from everything, including technology.

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Family dinner

Maria Fernanda Yepes herself tells in the aforementioned magazine that the dinner consisted of eight courses and was in charge of the renowned chef Marconi Righi. Also “The flutes and the sounds of jazz, with some Colombian folklore, enlivened the meal as the perfect complement. It was about a group of boys that Nicolás and I saw at a traffic light in the city and we asked them to accompany us that day,” concluded the woman from Antioquia.

How did you meet Nicholas?

The paisa was uncovered in the magazine ’15 minutes’ and said that their romance began in Mexico. According to Yepes, her friend wanted to invite her to the Siam Ka’an nature reserve to share some time in nature. In that place, Yepes saw the economist and architect Nicolás Rodríguez for the first time.

The couple who sealed their love with a fire ceremony.


Instagram: @mariafelina

The connection between the two happened out of nowhere, It was only enough to feel calm and calm at the moment of seeing it: “Although it sounds inexplicable, that is how it happened. Neither I knew him, nor he me. It simply conveyed calm to me, something that I had been trying to find”, expressed the Antioqueña in the aforementioned publication.

The Argentine architect asked the actress for her hand at the end of 2020 and today they are finally husband and wife.

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Maria Fernanda Yepes secretly married Nicolás Rodríguez: this was the wedding

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