María Leal recalled her love story with a famous singer: “Falling in love with a girl helped me continue my career in life”

Maria Loyal

At the end of last year, María Leal revealed that in the seventies she had a six-year relationship with the singer Sandra Mihanovich. It was on the Moria Casán program and, although the actress did not want to mention the name of her former partner, the driver gave the key information. “We were two girls, very small, young, who in everyone’s eyes were friends”assured sitting in the living room of Moria is Moria.

Then, the actress acknowledged that the story between them ended very well. And, then, Moria Casán was encouraged to say that they were currently sharing a cast, with which it was deduced that it was one of the women who are currently with them in witches: Thelma Biral, Nora Cárpena or Sandra Mihanovich. As if it were necessary, then, the driver was in charge of clearing up doubts by saying that the person in question was “a wonderful singer who donated a kidney.” And she, in the middle of a laugh, assured that the aforementioned must be “dying of love” in her house when listening to them. So they both sent a kiss to Marita (Novarro), that is, to Mihanovich’s current partner.

And this Saturday, in the midst of his arrival at the last season of The fringe, which is already on Netflix, the actress was consulted again on the subject. “Moria and I are colleagues at work. We had a lot of fun together. She asked me before the program started if we could talk like we talk in the theater and I said yes. So there I told him: ‘Today I’m going to give you a gift because you deserve it’. And I told my story. I hadn’t thought about it.” pointed out in dialogue with the radio program Hold on Catherine.

Maria Leal talked about her six-year relationship with a woman

In addition, he mentioned Martin Rodriguez Mentasti, with whom she was married and who was widowed after eight years of marriage: “My God, he was everything, there will be no one like him. The most handsome, the most gentleman, the most stupid. All together in one”.

Finally, María Leal revealed: “I don’t know if the word is liberation, but I think that my only option after that death was what happened to me, it was to fall in love with a girl. Time heals everything and I didn’t know it. The reality is that this helped me to continue in the race in life and I am grateful that it has been so”.

The actress had said that they lived together and that, “thank God”, her children, Juan and Lucas, went to a European school that made them more protected from prejudice. But she said that she never got to talk to them. “The therapists told me that I had to wait for the boys to ask me. Because giving a guy information if he doesn’t ask you is almost an assault”he explained. And he pointed out that he was the youngest who, at 19, asked him how that story had been and told him everything. But by then a long time had passed and she was married to a man. It should be noted that her relationship with the singer began when María became a widow of Martin Rodriguez Mentastithen owner of Argentina Sono Film.


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María Leal recalled her love story with a famous singer: “Falling in love with a girl helped me continue my career in life”

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