Mariana Levy’s children remember the actress on what would have been her 56th birthday

the memory of Mariana Levi He is still alive in the hearts of his loved ones, and especially in the hearts of the actress’s children. This has become clear this April 23, the day in which the daughter of Talina Fernandez would have turned 56, when her children remembered her in an emotional way about this special date for them. And it is that despite the fact that they were very small when the protagonist of the telenovela The Dreaming Rogue passed away 17 years ago Mary, Joseph Emilio Y Paula They are very aware of who their mother was and the memories they managed to build by her side. That is why on this important day they have decided to pay a sensitive tribute to Mariana, celebrating her life in style and making clear the great love they have for her.


From the early hours of this Saturday, the offspring of the actress and host shared some of the most endearing memories that they lived next to their mother. María, the oldest of the Levy brothers, was the first to share a sweet memory of her childhood with Mariana through her Instagram profile, where she published a beautiful video in which she can be seen next to her mother in different moments of their lives, always embracing and filling each other with love. At the bottom of the publication, Maria only wrote: “Happy birthday, mom!”, letting the emotional clip speak for itself.

For his part, José Emilio also shared a nice public message for his mother through Instagram Stories, where he shared some photos in which he can be seen in his mother’s arms when he was a baby. “Happy birthday, boss. I miss you so, so, so. Big hug as far as you are… I love you always”, expressed the young man, who was somewhat nostalgic before this sensitive date for them.

Talina and the special memory of Mariana

A few months ago, Talina Fernández took advantage of the fact that she had her two grandchildren, María and Emilio, at home to share with them some memories of Mariana Levy through some photographs in which she nostalgically brought back those years when her children were some children and she was already one of the most beloved faces on Mexican television: “Back in 1982 with the three loves of my life. How the years go by, ”wrote The Lady of Good Saying as a description of this image where we see a very young and smiling Mariana Levy next to her brothers Coco and Patricio. In this photo Talina appears in the middle of the three, just as we now see her with her grandchildren, with whom she currently has a very close relationship, in fact, the three of them gave a like to this image, where her mother appears very smiling.

A few months ago, through her YouTube channel, Talina Fernández opened her heart and recognized that, when her daughter Mariana died, it was her granddaughter María and her work as an adoptive mother that brought her forward, in addition to ensuring the interests of their youngest grandchildren. Paula and José Emilio, who during their childhood lived with their father, José Emilio Fernández El Pirru: “She is the reason why I did not die when my daughter Mariana died, because I had to take care of María López Levy, who I was nine years old. In that talk, the driver revealed that it was very difficult for her granddaughter to deal with the departure of her mother so young: “Maria could not cry, since she lost her mother, she could never cry, she was stuck,” the presenter recalled .

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Mariana Levy’s children remember the actress on what would have been her 56th birthday

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