Mariano Martínez revealed the reason that prevents him from spending more time with his youngest daughter: “It is inhuman”

Mariano Martínez told the reason why he spends little time with his youngest daughter

As a very present father, Mariano Martinez She really enjoys the company of her three children: olivia Y Miloas a result of his relationship with Juliana GiambroniY Soulthe smallest, of its link with Camila Cavallo, from whom he also separated, on that occasion in 2020. With both women he maintains an excellent relationship, for the well-being of his little ones. However, she sometimes finds it difficult to coordinate some meetings, especially with the minor, because of the distance and because of a daily obstacle in the City of Buenos Aires and its surroundings: traffic.

“You try not to get stressed, I don’t like traffic, only when I have to get to my daughter’s school on time and more, it drives me crazy!”the actor complained in his stories of Instagram, while showing that he was stuck at a toll booth. And he continued: “She enters at nine, at the latest, in Belgrano R.” Then, he was happy that he had been able to arrive on time. “We got to school, one minute past nine! Let’s go Marian and Alma”, he intoned amused.

In any case, once he left the girl in the educational institution, he took the opportunity to tell his more than two million followers about the inconvenience he suffers every day that he has to move her. “We do this with her on Wednesdays, when I look for her at her school, we have the one-way transit, and on Thursday mornings when I drop off her brothers, I fly to her. And on Fridays when I look for her because she stays the weekend and some other Monday of that weekend that she stays with me on Sunday, ”she detailed.

In that sense, he explained: “I would love to have her for a week like the brothers, it happens that they live nearby and the methodology has been there since they were born. With her it is impossible because we live very far away and traffic is inhumane. I tell it as an anecdote and part of the daily. Everything is more than fine, obviously.”

Mariano Martínez and his three children, Olivia, Milo and Alma, on his last birthday

Days ago, the ex-protagonist of my hope It had been news after Brenda Asnicar I’ll change his profile picture and he’ll quickly like it. Back then, she sent him to the front. “Well, Mariano, I like your profile picture too… Ok?”, wrote the former Ugly Duckling and, being betrayed by the actress, he only managed to write Bren kisses.

However, she is not the only famous that the ex of Lali Esposito He has been stalking and liking on the networks in recent days. The actor was also closely following the profile of Rodrigo De Paul’s ex, Camila Homes. “Naturally”wrote the former botinera next to the selfie that was taken in the mirror of the room in the department of Madero Port to which she moved when she arrived from Madrid, recently separated from the national team player. Besides from Antonela Roccuzzo and Wanda Nara, who clearly took sides after the scandal, the aforementioned actor also gave him a like. In the image that Mariano liked Homes wears a black sports outfit and shows the case of his cell phone designed by the exclusive brand Louis Vuitton. Mariano’s gesture in the photo that caught the attention, at least of those who do not know if there is a link between them or if it is simply a virtual wink.


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Mariano Martínez revealed the reason that prevents him from spending more time with his youngest daughter: “It is inhuman”

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