Maribel Guardia wishes Susana Dosamantes a speedy recovery: “There are miracles”

Maribel Guardia / Susana Dosamantes.

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On April 21, it was announced that the actress Susana Dosamantes was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, for which he is receiving medical care at a clinic in Miami, Florida. After the news, fans and celebrities have expressed their support and affection for the mother of Pauline Rubioone of them was Maribel Guardiawho forgot his past grudges to send a message of speedy recovery.

It was during a recent meeting with the media at the Mexico City airport, where the singer from Costa Rica expressed her solidarity with the complicated moment that the actress of ‘Si Nos Dejan’ is going through, who was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.

I wish the best to Mrs. Susana. God bless her and For all your family my respect and blessings for everyone”, he expressed before the cameras of the program ‘Ventaneando’.

Maribel Guardia explained that going through such a moment is very painful and she understands it perfectly because she lived it with her mother, who died when she was still a child.

“I lived it with my mom, when she died of cancer I was 9 years old, it was very painful for me as small as I was. It is a disease that all the people who suffer from it, because what What you want is that God bless you, accompany you, that you never lose faith because there are miracles“, he detailed.

This message was taken by surprise because several years ago it was rumored that Maribel Guardia was the third in discord in the marriage of Susana Dosamantes and businessman Carlos Vasallo, which triggered a bad relationship between the two actresses.

Likewise, during the radio program “Todo para la mujer” hosted by Maxine Woodside, Maribel Guardia revealed that she does not have a close relationship with Dosamantes, but still wishes her a speedy recovery.

I don’t have a close relationship with her, but there are very good doctors. Above all, you have to put yourself in God’s hands and to God praying and giving with the mallet”, he sentenced.

And he was optimistic about advances in medicine that could help the actress.

She is a very loved woman, very respected. It is a disease that terrifies us, but I believe that currently medicine, if you return to cancer in time, then we ask God for it to recover and you’ll see what is going to do the miracle“, he added.

Apparently, Maribel Guardia also forgot the rudeness that Paulina Rubio did to her in 2009 when she refused to be interviewed by her, a moment that was broadcast on the air and for which the singer was branded a diva.

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Maribel Guardia wishes Susana Dosamantes a speedy recovery: “There are miracles”

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