Marjorie de Sousa in a pink top could not contain her beauties

On this occasion, the beautiful television celebrity brought her followers a very beautiful photograph, in which she posed in her most playful side in front of the camera in order to delight her followers who were completely delighted, because Marjorie deSousa She wore an outfit that apparently wasn’t able to cover her beauties completely.

The image was shared on social networks through accounts made by fans, where the most dazzling photo sessions of the famous actress are shared. And it is that the more than 8 million 500 thousand followers that she has in her verified account are very attentive to all her steps, waiting to share the best content of entertainment.

It seems that Marjorie deSousa He set out to leave his community on the internet almost on the verge of dehydration, since admiring his stunning figure they began to sweat until the last drop of liquid in his body. Between the pink garments and a contagious smile, many hearts ended up very shaken.

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The wonderful look that he posted on this occasion was made up of high-waisted bubblegum pink pants that he wore unbuttoned and, pulling the retina with his hands, lowered a few centimeters to expose his toned abdomen. On top of him he wore a crop top from the same col, which exposed the lower part of his frontal beauties.

Marjorie de Sousa in a pink top could not contain her beauties. Source: Instagram

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Since jewelry could not be left behind, Marjorie deSousa He chose to wear a silver harness encrusted with diamonds that crossed the central part of his torso, running elegantly between his collarbones and his navel.

One of the details that fans of the soap opera villain most like are her freckles, which are spread throughout her body, covering every inch with beautiful brown dots, similar to the starry sky. She fits the lyrics of the song ‘Cuéntame las freckles de la back’ perfectly.

His admirers could not miss the opportunity to make him reach Marjorie deSousa all the love and admiration they feel for her, because of this they left their reaction in the post as a thank you.

And that the Venezuelan Marjo de Sousa He always seeks to be in contact with all his “Sousticos”, as he affectionately calls his fans, in order to get closer to them to thank them for their enormous support throughout his career as an artist and always offer them the best content.

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Marjorie de Sousa in a pink top could not contain her beauties

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