Marjorie de Sousa lowers the closure of a brand new yellow outfit

“She who dresses in yellow, trusts in her beauty” this famous saying fits the Venezuelan actress like a glove Marjorie deSousabecause she wore a wonderful yellow wardrobe like no other, which she shared on her networks to delight her millions of admirers throughout the continent.

Just as good wines improve over the years, the artist increase your beauty with each spring you add to your life. Proof of this are the numerous photo sessions that she posts on her official Instagram profile, capturing the angles where she looks most beautiful in various scenarios.

On this occasion, he modeled in front of the cameras in a yellow industrial-style overalls. The garment made of plasticized fabric with straps and black details, carried the image of Marjorie deSousa to another level, because the closure that it has on the front part was left completely down, allowing its interiors to wave.

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With an intimidating and sensual expression, the actress dedicated a few glances directly to the lens, making her orbs pierce the screen until almost subjecting those who see her to scrutiny. Her makeup look was more than successful, highlighting her features in dark colors and strong shades.

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Marjorie de Sousa unzips her brand new yellow outfit. Source: Instagram

you could see here the photograph.

One of the details that caught the most attention was her innovative hairstyle, which consisted of a high bun adorned with some beads and braids. This allowed her face to be free of any hair that would block the view of her face.

The photograph, despite having been released for some time, continued to enchant its fan community in such a way that it was taken and shared on the many accounts on the camera’s social network dedicated to immortalizing its most iconic looks, as well as the most amazing scenes.

The impact that Marjorie deSousa cause with each publication is the result of her hard work in the artistic medium developing as an actress, giving life to unforgettable villains on the Mexican small screen.

The Venezuelan has been the center of attention in the media for her excellent work as an actress in the novel “La Desalmada”, where she was giving life to the character of Julia Torreblanca. This character is part of the great roles that she has played throughout her career and that have led her to grow in fame and success.

Her efforts have led her to be deserving of recognition for her hard work, for example, Marjorie deSousa He received an important award from the Florida government on April 27, 2022. During the celebration, he thanked his fans for the support in all his projects, as well as making an honorable mention for his production team.

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Marjorie de Sousa lowers the closure of a brand new yellow outfit

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