Marjorie de Sousa showed herself in a big way in a tight green dress

Any color is good to highlight the attractiveness of the Venezuelan Marjorie deSousa and he has made it very clear on more than one occasion with the wide variety of tones that he wears in his favorite clothes. This time it was the green’s turn to make him get the most out of him in an impressive photo shoot.

At 42 years old, the actress enjoys a radiant image, embodying the phrase “fresh as a lettuce”, because it does not seem that time runs through her features or her statuesque silhouette. But this has not been the product of her chance, she shares daily on her Instagram account the care she takes of her to keep herself well.

Being one of the best versions of herself, Marjorie deSousa has been appearing in their social media These last few weeks in various photo sessions celebrating their achievements and goals achieved. His admirers felt grateful to enjoy his charms more often.

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On this occasion, she decided to wear a bright green total look which allowed her curves to be the protagonists from any angle.

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Marjorie de Sousa showed herself in a big way in a tight green dress. Source: Instagram

In the upper part, you can see a deep neckline that reaches almost to the navel, exposing the skin of her torso and the numerous freckles that adorn every inch of her existence.

Skipping any rule imposed by fashion, Marjorie deSousa she was also allowed to wear a slit in her skirt, raising the tear all the way up her leg to the limit of what was allowed to show.

The focus of attention was not only his appearance, but also the messages he seeks to convey to his fans with the life lessons shared in all his publications. Despite the fact that she did not write anything in this, in some recent events she gave thanks for everything she has and for the existence of her five-year-old son.

The publication made the day of his fans, who soon shared the post in accounts dedicated to immortalizing his best moments in order to make a compendium. The comments loaded with love and good wishes did not wait for the successful artist.

“Beautiful princess and green looks beautiful on you”, “Spectacular as always”, “Always so beautiful. Always successful”, “Some call it love, it always tastes like you. I love you and I wish you a blessed day”, “In love with you,” they wrote in the comments section of Marjorie deSousa.

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Marjorie de Sousa showed herself in a big way in a tight green dress

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