Marriage clause: these are the demands of Jennifer López to her fiancé

Most are used to prenuptial agreements or capitulations being strictly patrimonial. That is why it drew a lot of attention that in the document that Jennifer López will make her fiancé, Ben Affleck, sign to get married, there are no conditions for the division of her property in case of divorce or anything like that, but the demand that she have sex with him four times a week, at least.

The news was published by gossip magazines. Although the document is not yet public, it is assumed that what was said is true, and the couple, who recently got engaged and he is already looking for his love nest, he advances in the legal procedures necessary to say yes.

It is necessary to remember that this is his second commitment. The first, almost 20 years ago, was canceled amid rumors and speculation about too much media interference in their relationship, which ultimately undermined it. Therefore, those close to the couple say that this time both want everything to go well. The deal would be an attempt to achieve that goal.

As expected, the matter has caused all kinds of reactions. For some followers, JLo’s request was considered an exaggeration. Several studies on sexual behavior reveal that young, stable and passionate couples do not have four weekly encounters under the sheets. This is demonstrated by the work carried out in 2017 and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, in which a group of researchers studied the sexual behavior of just over 26,000 people between 1989 and 2014. They discovered that an average adult has sex 54 times a year , that is to say that the average would be once a week. Other scientific analyzes found that over the years love encounters are spaced out more because age influences women’s libido. If you take into account that neither she nor he are young, but adults of 52 and 49 years old, respectively, the figure of four times a week sounds ambitious and even chicanery.

For sexologists, moreover, it is not healthy to control sexual relations, since forced and scheduled sex can extinguish the flame of passion. Although some are in favor of maintenance sex, the one that happens so as not to move away emotionally or physically, many consider spontaneous encounters to be healthier.

However, the request must be seen in the context in which this couple lives. JLo’s last engagement was with Álex Rodríguez and was canceled due to infidelity of the baseball player and businessman. This time she will want to keep the ghost of the horns away from her marriage and that would have motivated her to demand that dose of sex from Affleck to keep him at bay. Besides, the actor admitted his addiction to alcohol and his great fame as a ladies’ man. It was even rumored that his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, was supposed to accompany him to the sets of his movies so that he would contain the temptation to seduce female colleagues.

But everyone’s question is not so much why JLo does it, but if the agreement is valid. In Colombia it is only possible to sign marriage agreements on the patrimonial assets and nothing else. “The couple can control the assets that are excluded or included in the marital partnership or agree on the non-birth of the same”, says the lawyer Germán Humberto Rincón Perfetti. But in the United States, the expert specifies, “it is possible to establish a thousand things in the prenuptial agreement.”

In effect, these agreements in that country regulate what would happen to the estate if the couples separate, but they have recently been expanded to include tasks and other absurd demands. There are famous prenups like the one with Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, in which he must pay her $500,000 for each gray hair she discovers.a. That of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is not far behind, as it offers the country music singer an annual sum of 600,000 dollars for each year that passes without resorting to the bottle. As is known, Kidman helped him get out of his addiction to alcoholism. And there is Catherine Zeta-Jones, 25 years younger than her husband, Michael Douglas. The document stipulates that she receives a million dollars for each year of marriage, but not a penny if she gains more than 10 kilos.

However, according to the American lawyer Stephen J. Darmody, no judge would say that this requirement is legal to enforce, since these agreements are made for the estate. “Imagine: what could a judge say about it?”

The experts at, a website specializing in providing free information on legal issues in the United States, agree with him. which includes sex and making the law accessible and understandable to everyone. There they consider that incorporating the issue of sex into the agreement is not illegal per se. “But it is highly unlikely that such a provision will have legal force, even if both are consenting adults,” they note.

Jennifer Lopez – Photo: Getty Images for Lexus

The reason, they say, is that a prenuptial agreement that includes sexual behavior is a “sexual contract” and that is not allowed by law.since such an agreement deprives the individual of his autonomy and his legal right to control his body at that time.

That’s not to say that JLo can’t divorce Affleck if their sex life goes south. For this reason, the lawyers say that instead of putting those clauses, which will not have any judicial impact, it is best that she think of ways to seduce her new love to keep him interested in the conflicts of passion.

JLo is a woman of extraordinary beauty and even at her age she has the energy that many young people do not show. Thus, your future husband will probably not have a hard time meeting the goal.

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Marriage clause: these are the demands of Jennifer López to her fiancé

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