Matilda traveled to Europe without her mother and Luciana Salazar shared photos of the flight to reassure her followers

Matilda Salazar and her first trip to Europe without her mother (Video: @salazarluli)

Inseparable, since she became a mother Luciana Salazar shares the minute by minute of his life with his daughter Matilda. From the identical looks they share to each step the little girl takes: pirouettes, acrobatics and thanks. This time, it was her turn to separate because the four-year-old girl traveled for the first time alone on a plane without her mother. The planned trip: the girl would meet her aunt Camila in Spain. Then, the model shared the entire journey on her networks until accompanying her when she arrived at her destination.

Thus, from the morning, he was recording each of those moments. In small videos and photos that she was uploading to her stories from early in the morning, you can see the preparations before boarding. “Come on, Matu up, you’re going on a trip”, she is heard saying to convince the little girl to get out of bed. “Come on, we’re going to miss you, what are you laughing at?” She jokes. While she also wrote: “Someone has a hard time getting up.” Tickling and giggling, the little girl finally accepts her mother’s invitation to get up.

This is how Matilda Salazar prepared for her first trip without her mother (Photo: @salazarluli)
Matilda and her grandparents, before boarding
Matilda and her grandparents, before boarding

After breakfast, the model uploaded a photo of her daughter already ready next to the suitcase and wrote: “Your long vacation began. To visit his aunt with his grandparents”. Once on the plane, Luciana shared a new image of her to her almost two million followers: “Aaaaaayyyy I love you! I miss you already!”. And in another publication she told: “My chick always traveled with mom by plane. How nervous I am, let it come now”.

In full flight, the stories of Luciana
In full flight, the stories of Luciana

Then, to reassure his followers who at all times believed that the girl was traveling alone without company, he again clarified that Matilda was in the company of her grandparents. Hours later, finally, she was able to breathe easy again and bring peace of mind to everyone: her daughter arrived safely in Spain. “My louse arrived well”assured.

Luciana's message to reassure her followers (Photos: @salazarlulil)
Luciana’s message to reassure her followers (Photos: @salazarlulil)

A virtual scam

Some time ago, Luciana warned that a profile that declared itself a fan club of his daughter had drastically changed his gallery and began to publish other content that had nothing to do with the little four year old. Between indignation and anger, she communicated through private messages and was surprised to see who’s answer turned out to be a virtual scam victim.

The account in question had more than 100,000 followers. and was created in July 2019, when the girl was two years old. Luciana herself was one of the followers who used to like the cute posts, and for this reason it didn’t take long for him to notice that the profile picture and all the images of the feed. “What happened? Did you stop being from my daughter’s fan club and stayed with her followers? ”, he consulted him through Instagram direct messaging. Then he showed a screenshot of the chat they had, where they also exchanged audio.

Finally, the new owner of the account and the model reached an agreement, because that person had been scammed since he had bought the account in good faith. “Today I find out that he put my daughter’s photos back and he offers me to keep the account. An act of honesty that I value very much. I tell it because I think it’s nice to share this gesture so little seen lately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she remarked. After recounting the experience she had, she warned about the irregularities that occur in the virtual world. “They scam people and use my daughter to gain followers and then make a business selling them”, he claimed.


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Matilda traveled to Europe without her mother and Luciana Salazar shared photos of the flight to reassure her followers

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