Mauro Icardi confirmed the reconciliation with Wanda Nara with a photo: “Disney stories also have second seasons”

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara gave themselves a new opportunity

Although for several days now there has been talk of a reconciliation between Wanda Nara Y Mauro Icardi, only this Thursday came the official confirmation with a strong image. In recent weeks, when the businesswoman returned to Istanbul -the city where the footballer lives today-, much was said about the new opportunity for love that they would have given each other, but the versions gained more strength when both posted several postcards from the Maldives, although until now they had not been seen together.

They had traveled to that paradisiacal destination to enjoy a vacation alone, without their children and taking advantage of the break at their club for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. And, to end the speculation, it was the striker who took the crucial step. Along with two images in which they are seen hugging, he published a forceful message: “She was not the woman of my life, it was my life turned into a Woman. Disney stories also have second seasons. I love you Wanda Nara”. At the moment, the media did not express itself in this regard, neither with a “like” nor with a comment.

Mauro Icardi's post to confirm the reconciliation with Wanda Nara
Mauro Icardi’s post to confirm the reconciliation with Wanda Nara

Just a few days ago, Wanda had made forceful statements about their separation in the Italian press. “Mauro does not like the idea that he takes the attention away from the family. I expressed my desire to return to work, and he did not like it, ”she noted. The other big issue that led to the separation was Mauro’s affair with the china suarez, which he referred to as “childish nonsense” and about which he claimed to have forgiven him. With whom he still maintains his anger is with the ex Almost angelsto whom on that occasion he had alluded without naming her – “another family that you killed for a bitch” -, and this time he continued with the same attitude, without mentioning her by name or nickname, but taking advantage of the foot that gave him journalist Nina Verdelli to tell her a few things.

“The woman in question is well known in Argentina for having broken up numerous famous families. She once dated an actor while his wife was pregnant and she lost the baby. Another stole the husband of a mother whose daughter had died shortly before,” the businesswoman shot. But it does not stop there. “While she was cheating on my husband, she also texted me as if we were friends. He told me he wanted to come see me in Paris, he FaceTimed me,” she added.

Meanwhile, six days ago he also spoke maxi lopezWanda’s ex-husband and father of her three sons, Valentine, Constantine Y Benedict. She did it under a mobile with intruderswhere he initially commented on how he attended the media at the height of his confrontation with the Galatsaray player, by taking care of Francesca and isabella: “At that moment I was able to help. The only thing I want is for the boys to be out of any difference that the big ones may have ”.

And he continued: “That the big ones solve the problems among themselves, and the boys who are left out. Nothing more ”, Maxi López closed on Wanda and Mauro. Although a few seconds later, when the notero of the América cycle asked him about the reconciliation of her ex-partner with her husband, López was blunt. “Welcome reconciliation. That the boys have peace is priceless, ”said Maxi. And then he went on to wish harmony to the couple who these days are trying to overcome their differences with a solo vacation in the Maldives. “So keep it up. Good”, concluded the owner of Birmingham City, one of the most traditional football clubs in England.

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Mauro Icardi confirmed the reconciliation with Wanda Nara with a photo: “Disney stories also have second seasons”

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