Mauro Icardi made a striking post after his separation from Wanda Nara

Mauro Icardi wants to win back Wanda Nara

Mauro Icardi He does not give up. Since Wanda Nara announced the separation, the footballer wants to win her back and, for that, one of his great tools is social networks. For example, this Tuesday, while the businesswoman performed a live Instagramhe was not only looking at her but also left him a romantic comment: “Love you”he wrote to her, adding a heart emoji.

Meanwhile, this Wednesday the former PSG player returned to the fray and published a tender photo in which they are seen giving each other a kiss. The image dates from vacations that both shared in different places in Africa, begining of June. She did not add any message, just a bright heart, and deactivated the comments, perhaps to avoid criticism that media fans could make of her. Meanwhile, hours before she had shared an image from Istanbul with Francesca and isabella, the two girls they have in common, and on that occasion she did leave a clear message: “Pretty little girls! We miss you Wanda, there is little left.

The first posting of Mauro Icardi after the separation from Wanda
The first posting of Mauro Icardi after the separation from Wanda
Mauro Icardi's story with a clear message for Wanda Nara
Mauro Icardi’s story with a clear message for Wanda Nara

In that transmission made by the eldest of the Nara sisters, among other topics, she had also referred to the break with Icardi. “When you speak they end up criticizing you, when you don’t speak too, but I feel that I was very clear with the story that I uploaded regarding Mauro”, He assured without giving too many details about the brief statement with which he announced the separation of the footballer.

In addition, Wanda also mentioned the rumors that accompany her in each of her steps. “There are so many things that are lies that I don’t know what to say anymore. On top of that they come with bad vibes, resentment, and everything you say stops being credible. And regarding the actuality of her, she assured her. “Now I am alone in my house. Mauro is with the boys, in Istanbul”. And she also referred to the version that she is the one who manages the social networks of the Galatasaray striker: “I never managed anyone’s Instagram account, nor did I manage my brand’s account.. I am very bad with networks, neither now nor have I ever managed other people’s networks, “she sentenced.

Meanwhile, in your account Twitterthe sister of Zaira I had also done one surprise confession about the new season Big Brother. “I need to enter, I’ll throw it at you @telefe”, he commented in a tweet that quickly went viral. Surprised, a user asked if she would like to be a guest during some programs or if she would join as a participant in the most famous house in the country from the beginning. “Stay to live!”finished Wanda to clear all doubts, leaving the door open to another challenge.

In another round trip with his followers, he revealed that, after ending the work commitment in our country, he wants to go on a trip to the United States with his five children. “I want to visit Los Angeles when my boys have vacations and a few days in New York,” she detailed. Later he shared an image with the horoscope of his zodiac sign, Sagittarius, and again hinted at his sentimental life with the suggestion that the stars gave him: “If you are not free, you die slowly. If someone wants to have you close, the best thing they can do is give you your space at all times; someone trying to clip your wings has nothing to do with you.”


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Mauro Icardi made a striking post after his separation from Wanda Nara

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