Maya Başol, the only person who can still unite Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel from “Love Is in the Air”

and Hande Erçel starred in one of the most loved by all fans of Turkish soap operas. Both met while recording “Love is in the air” and, although they are no longer together, the truth is that they have nice memories of their participation in that successful production. Without a doubt, part of this experience was meeting who played the daughter of both .

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Precisely, both actors have agreed to give all their love to the little girl, since she has just turned 7 years old. Through social networks, the stars have shown her all their affection by sharing some beautiful images and heartfelt messages of affection. Thus, they showed that her appreciation for the little interpreter is part of what they both still have in common.

Learn how below and Hande Ercel got together to congratulate Maya Basol for his birthday.

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From very early, this May 17, the little actress Maya Basol received congratulatory messages. On social networks, her followers published various messages in her honor and remembered her great participation in “Love is in the air”. In this way, her loved ones also took advantage of her to greet her.

His mother, for example, used the platform Instagram to leave a beautiful dedication for this special day. Accompanied by a cute snapshot, she wrote: “You are the only thing that is more beautiful than your dreams. Girl with a good heart and a beautiful soul, we love you very much. Happy Birthday.

Thus, his parents in fiction did not want to be left behind and also joined this tribute.


One of the first to greet Maya was the actor Kerem Bursin, who used her Instagram account to publish a beautiful story where the actress appears playing on the set. accompanied by the message “I miss you so much”the artist delighted his followers with this gesture.

The little girl’s mother immediately responded with a short text: “Maya misses you a lot too.” This interaction has been highlighted by fans of the actorwho did not hesitate to spread this interaction through various platforms, such as Twitter.


Who was not far behind was Hande Ercel. She showed that there are ties that still unite her with her former partner, dedicating a nice text to Maya Basol. From his stories of Instagramthe interpreter surprised the girl with a beautiful photo together, taken while they were filming the famous production.

With the phrase “I love you, bun”, she gave him this public recognition. Without a doubt, a gesture that was also highlighted by her followers, who published the snapshot from various profiles of their social networks.


Hande Ercel and Kerem Bürsin they were one of the most beloved and famous couples in the Turkish acting world. Love enveloped them for several months and no one suspected that all that magic would come to an end.

It was during the recordings of the soap opera “Love Is in the Air” when the actors Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin met and, precisely, that would be the place where the love between the two was born.

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are the leads in “Love Is in the Air” (Photo: MF Yapım)


The Turkish soap opera first appeared on July 8, 2020 in Turkey and became a television phenomenon to the point that it was renewed for a second season at the request of its fans.

Love Is in the Air” follows the story of Eda Yıldiza young flower seller who must deal with Serkan Bolat, a young and rich heir whom he blames for having lost a scholarship to study in Italy. After meeting her, Bolat proposes a deal: if he pretends to be her fiancée for two months, he will help her pay for college.

Although at first their relationship is not good, as the days go by it changes radically and their agreement ends up changing the fate of both of them forever, in the midst of luxuries and lies.

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Maya Başol, the only person who can still unite Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel from “Love Is in the Air”

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