Mayeli Alonso and Javier Ceriani find everything on Instagram: “You are a murderer”

Mayeli Alonso on Instagram Live.

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the driver of Gossip No Like, Javier Cerianigave a few days ago an information of Mayeli Alonsoformer of Lupillo Rivera. In the transmission of the show that he does with elisa beristain exposed information about an alleged conversation and some messages that the boyfriend of the former member of The House of the Famous two, Edgar Torres, with a girl. They talked about the intimate part of the influencer and businesswoman, among other things.

But Mayeli Alonso she was not silent and he responded to Javier Ceriani with everything in Instagram: “I was very disappointed with you. You are a misogynist. You are a man who hurts women. You denigrate them. You do him very bad. Your comments make him ill of women. You speak very badly. Your comments have become very destructive for women in this medium…. I would have liked to be a man to break your snout… You are a very despicable being… You kill people with your mouth. You are a murderer, you kill people with your snout...”.

Javier Ceriani insisted on saying that he is preventing Mayeli Alonso of Edgar Torres. He assures that he himself could have been unfaithful with several women or at least play a flirtation and placed the alleged messages in the Program Gossip No Like. He also said that the gentleman has threatened them for exposing the alleged evidence of infidelity and the comments that he allegedly made about his partner.

“I find it unpleasant that a boyfriend talks about a woman like that,” says Javier Ceriani forcefully in one of his broadcasts while confronting Edgar Torres on camera and asking him to use the right of reply to clarify the issue of whether or not he made these comments about Mayeli Alonso. Until the moment of closing this note, the young man would not have spoken.

Let us remember that Mayeli, after her exit in The House of Celebrities 2 and the success obtained, because Telemundo He loves her and has been invited to several programs on the chain’s platform. Now she ex of Lupillo Rivera will venture back into the project that gave him his debut on the small screen and will be in Rich Famous Latina which begins shortly and with which we will bring you all the details.

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Mayeli Alonso and Javier Ceriani find everything on Instagram: “You are a murderer”

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