Mayeli Alonso attacks Brenda Zambrano


Mayeli Alonso sends strong warning

The House of the Famous
It hasn’t started yet and the participants are already giving something to talk about, for this new season we have a lot of fabric to cut. On this occasion, the businesswoman, Mayeli Alonsoattacked the Mexican influencer, Brenda Zambrano, both will say present in the second season of the competition.

We know that in the past there have already been altercations between celebrities who are in the competition, on more than one occasion Niurka Marcos has spoken of Laura Bozzo To such an extent that the Peruvian lawyer launched a threat to the participants of this new edition, now it is Mayeli Alonso’s turn who, through her social networks, also launched a warning where the influencer, Brenda Zambrano, was splashed.

Mayeli launches a controversial warning

MAYELI threatens BRENDA if he messes with her/ The House of Celebrities 2The former rich famous Latina already threatened Zambrano that he shouldn’t mess with her, because she’s not going to leave #LaCasaDeLosFamosos #MayeliAlonso #BrandaZambrano2022-05-03T20:29:48Z

During a live show with her fans, Mayeli did not miss the opportunity to issue a warning to all the participants of the new edition of The House of the Famous, who competed alongside the businesswoman. “Whatever they do to me, I do to them. If you treat me well, I treat you well. If you don’t treat me right, I’m not going to treat you right, so I’m sorry. It’s not like I’m going to come from: ‘oh, hit me’ a p*tazo and I’m going to leave. I would lie to them if I told them that I was going to leave, “she assured before the hundreds of people who joined the conversation.

During the transmission and as reviewed by the portal Infobae, some of Mayeli’s followers told him to be careful “the crazy woman from Acapulco”, referring to Brenda Zambrano. Alonso was not silent and sent a message to the influencer. “Tell her to be careful with me, because if they come from Acapulco, from New York, from Chicago, from Oaxaca, from Chihuahua itself, if they look for me they will find me. I’m a bitch, period.”

A woman with a strong personality

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It is clear to us that Mayeli will respond to any impulse within the competition, because in the past we saw her in the reality show “Rica, Famosa, Latina” and how she took out her claws and defended herself from the multiple attacks received from the Cuban model, Sisi Freitas, to the point that they came to blows. For her part, the Mexican businesswoman said that defending herself in case she was attacked was not the same as arriving violent from the beginning. “But another thing is that I get to hit them and fight, I’m not going to get to that, I’m going to get there, behave well,” she said.

Brenda Zambrano answers without fear

Brenda responded as follows. “I don’t take anything personal, I think she has no idea who Acapulco is, because she thought it was from the city of Acapulco, so I don’t take anything personal, she’ll meet me, we’ll meet in reality and it will be another story.” For now, everything is ready for this new edition of La Casa de Los Famosos to arrive on Telemundo and we can live a real-life telenovela to the surface.

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Mayeli Alonso attacks Brenda Zambrano

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