Meet James Hewitt, Lady Di’s lover and possible father of Prince Harry

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We all know the stormy marriage that lived Lady Di with Prince Charles, and the painful divorce he experienced that would bring to light the extramarital affairs that both lived, including that of the princess Diana of Wales and British Army Cavalry officer James Hewitt, who was designated as the true father of the prince harry.

I adored him, yes, but I was abandoned by him”, revealed Lady Di in a famous interview for the BBC in 1995.

It should be noted that this extramarital affair lasted about five years, so the rumors about being the real father of Prince Harry had gained strength.

It’s known that The marriage of Lady Di and Prince Charles of England was celebrated with an incredible ceremony at the end of July 1981, and that it was never a happy relationship. While The Prince of Wales had an affair with who is now his legitimate wife, Camilla Parquer-BowlessDiana also abandoned herself in other arms.

In 1985 he had an affair with one of his bodyguards, Barry Mannakee, who was kicked out of protective service. And a year later, she would begin her relationship with Hewitt.

For about five years, between 1986 and 1991, the British Army rider, and also a polo player, and the Princess of Wales had a clandestine relationship, It started when he started giving the princess riding lessons. Andrew Norton, biographer of the princess who died in a car accident in 1992, said that Hewitt “was very important to her.” “If she hadn’t married Prince Charles, it might have been her husband.”, added the specialist in Diana Spencer.

The biographer also claimed that Diana of Wales was escaping from Windsor and her unhappy marriage to see her lover and that he used the name of “Julia” to hide his true identity and to play at being someone else. And that they were clandestinely on property owned by the jockey’s mother in Devon County.

The romance between the two culminated when he was sent to Iraq, during the Gulf War, in 1991, according to the British newspaper Mirror, but they separated definitively when their romance became known, in 1992. The princess’s marriage also ended that year, although the divorce came four years later.

Prince Harry’s father?

But the relationship between the princess and her riding teacher was not only in that love story, instead leaving a sequel that, from a malicious rumour, became an open secret in the UK. This was the information It said that Hewitt could be the biological father of Prince Harry.

The reasons for this possible paternity were given in the fact of the clandestine relationship that both had maintained and also in a certain physical resemblance between the lover of the Princess of Wales and the minor of the children of Diana and Carlos. Especially, the malice of the rumor was installed by the hair color of Hewit and Harry, both inexcusably redheads.

For several years, the cavalry officer himself denied these allegations of Prince Harry’s paternity in various British media: “There is no chance that I am his father. I can absolutely assure you that I am not.”.

“I can understand everyone’s interest, but Harry was already walking when my relationship with Diana began,” he said in a 2002 interview.

“It is true that her red hair is similar to mine and people say that we look alike, although I have never encouraged these comparisons. It is true that I spent a lot of time with Diana, but I must say once and for all that I am not Harry’s father.”, then insisted the cavalry officer, who is now 63 years old and finished: “When I met Diana, Harry was a little boy”.

James Hewitt’s present: a lousy gardener

After the death of Lady Di, James Hewitt did not behave honorably with the memory of his former lover, since British media pointed out that he boasted of having had that relationship with the Princess of Wales. In addition, in 1995, the exjockey published the book “Our Forbidden Love”about her history with Harry’s mom, a fact that Diana felt absolutely betrayed by.

Not satisfied with that, 20 years later Hewitt also sold, for a few pounds, 64 love letters she had written to him. and in which it was noted, among other things, the princess’s discomfort at the fact that he was no longer with her. “You’ve gone and everything is so empty…”, said one of the letters.

He was last heard from as working as a gardener and living in a flat in Exeter with his 92-year-old mother, Shirley. And according to the testimonies of his neighbors, the former British cavalryman would be “a lousy gardener.”

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Meet James Hewitt, Lady Di’s lover and possible father of Prince Harry

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