Meghan and Harry did NOT want their daughter Lilibet Diana to be photographed with Queen Elizabeth; this is the reason

The mystery behind what happened the day Queen Elizabeth II met Lilibet Diana It seems that it was solved: at first it was announced that the British monarch refused to take a picture with her great-granddaughter, fearing that Meghan and Harry would leak private information about their meeting; Now it is revealed that It was the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who did not want to have a souvenir photo of that important moment. in which his daughter met the queen. Why? Here we tell you.

In days past, the royal family was harshly criticized for the hostile and cruel treatment they gave Lilibet Diana; according to experts, Kate Middleton, Prince William and even Queen Elizabeth herself did everything possible to not being around meghan and harryalso causing a estrangement with children, Archie and Lilibet Diana.

However, with the information that was recently revealed, the story may change a bit as the decision that the queen and Lilibet Diana did not pose for the photo was made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussexwho apparently they refused to take a souvenir of their trip to London. International media gave details of why Meghan and Harry didn’t even request the souvenir image.

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They reveal that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did not want the photo of the memory of Queen Elizabeth and Lilibet Diana

Lilibet Diana. Photo: Instagram

In fact, Meghan and Harry never asked Queen Elizabeth to take a photo with her daughter Lilibet Diana due to the sovereign’s delicate state of healthas reported by new york post. “They simply enjoyed a private and intimate visit with the queen”, said the source, who pointed out that Elizabeth II was not feeling wella situation that the Sussexes took into account to avoid capturing the moment in a snapshot.

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Meghan with her daughter Lilibet. Photo: Instagram

According to the aforementioned medium, Lilibet met with the sovereign on Thursday and Friday. At the time, the Daily Mail posted that the streaming platform Netflix, with whom Meghan and Harry have a content deal, was upset because Lilibet and the queen did not take a photo together.

How long did the meeting of Queen Elizabeth and Lilibet Diana last?

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Photo: AP

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The meeting that Meghan, Harry and Lilibet Diana with Queen Elizabeth it only lasted 15 minutesas it was a formal visit organized by attendees of Buckingham Palace, according to the media Latfan. For its part, The Sun reported that the family reunion “it was a quick in and out job” and it all happened in a fairly formal setting.

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Meghan and Harry did NOT want their daughter Lilibet Diana to be photographed with Queen Elizabeth; this is the reason

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